Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Ålabodarna

2 August 2009: I take the train to Glumslöv, due to work on the railway do I need to change in Kävlinge. I walk the road down to Sundvik. Towards the north is a fine view of Öresund. There have been several brick factory here, the beach is covered with beautiful water-polished bricks. The shoreline is rocky, a couple wingle back after a bath. A few meters out, the bottom is sand, I wobble out, taking a nice dip, wobble back. Let the sun dry me. Continue along the road to Ålabodarna. Along the way there are good parking facilities. Towards the land is lush vegetation. Inside lies a forgotten derelict building. Trails go up the hill, I follow one of them. Up there is a fine view over the sea. Continue on the road to Ålabodarna, a picturesque little village with harbor, beautiful houses and gardens. I go to the harbor. There is a restaurant and kiosk. Behind the port kiosk is a bathing place. Return back through the village, on the outskirts is a sign that says this is the world's 'smallest' but 'best' fish smokehouse. Buy a smoked mackerel fillets with potato salad and eat it sitting at a table by the beach. I ask for the house where the poet Gabriel Jönsson grew up. I think I find it, but probably it is demolished and a new house is built on the site. It looks new, nothing indicates this is the house. Go up the slope to Örenäs Castle, beautifully situated overlooking the sound. A man in a suit and champagne glass in his hand is standing on the stairs. Perhaps a conference dinner? Different style than at the world's 'smallest' smokehouse. Return back on the road to Glumslöv. I want to light a candle in the church, but it is locked.


Brick beach