Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Glumslöv - Råå

A coastal hike Glumslöv - Sundvik - Ålabodarna - Fortuna - Rydebäck - Örby meadows - Råå.

24 July 2010: Train to Glumslöv, go south on the highway to Hilleshög valleys. There is a path between the fields and hills down to Rustningshamn at the coast. Follows the rocky path the short distance to Sundvik with its small port. There are many cars on the road to Ålabodarna. Hollyhocks are dazzling. We meet many that are cycling. In the marina is a Harbour Party. Passing through the village, up to the passage grave. Below at the shore is something being built. What about shore protection? Walk on the ridge towards Fortuna. It is steep down to the beach. Cyclists want to pass by. The path is narrow. Once one took clay to make bricks, the ponds before Fortuna are protected with lyme from erosion by the sea. Proceed north to Rydebäck beach, it is deserted today. Passing houses that have been barracks for workers. On the bike trail through a forest, past Rydebäck mansion. Coming out at the beach again, towards inland is Rya golf course, with its clubhouse. Coming up to Örby meadows with a beach. In a damp area, it is lush. In the east is Sundsgårdens college. At the corner of the meadow is a shelter, Skåneleden goes here. It is scrawled and the grating to the grill is broken. The house behind it is burned down. Walk on the beach to Råå marina, which is filled with boats. Eat a salmon kebab at Lasses Fiskrökeri. At the marina is one dancing to a dancing-band. We would lower the average age considerably, we pass by. From Råå we take the bus to Knutpunkten in Helsingborg.

Lasses fiskrökeri