Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Grå Läge - Helsingborg

a coastal hike Grå Läge - Domsten - Hittarp - Sofiero - Helsingborg.

4 September 2010: Bus to Grå Läge. It's a beautiful day. Follows the coast northward, to see where the trail markings on Skåneleden ends. Turns before the end, may be at a different hiking north. We are going south. Trying to follow the coastline. Passing the small community of Grå Läge. Meet three  male companion who started at Sofiero and attending to walk to Mölle. Continued beach hiking. Before Domsten is a large grassy meadow, and a pine forest. A shelter on the trail Skåneleden is located overlooking Öresund. There are several barbecue areas. Follows the shore towards Domsten. The Domsten port is relatively large, with a fish shop. Must be tested. Buying a hot smoked mackerel fillet with bread. Settle down at a picnic table in the harbor. Tastes good. Proceed south on Södra Stranden. Must go up in the forest after Domsten. There are many small houses in masonite. Strange. I ask a woman. 'These are houses that raised in the spring and dismantled in the fall. A kind of camping'. Passing through a nice pine grove. On the beach is beautiful rust-red smooth rocks. Walk the path below the castle Kulla Gunnarstorp. Boardwalks through the forest. Over large meadow before Hittarp. Go out on a reef, eating lunch out on the tip of the reef. Then go south on the beach. Pass a jetty. Continuing over a green area. We go beneath houses. Walks on the beach, approaching Sofiero castle,  on the horizon is now Helsingborg seen. At Sofiero castle, which is not visible, is a totem pole behind the fence. A sign warns of difficult accessibility along the beach, today it is low tide so no problem. Past the newly refurbished palatial house, easy to walk away to Pålsjö bath. Passing Pålsjö open-air baths. Studying Pålsjö mill. On the promenade at the Strandvägen are people in the deck chairs and enjoying the late summer. No bathing, dressing booths are unused. The deck chairs are here empty. Passing Gröningen. In the marina is the student's games. Box car jumping down into the basin. Hearty belly flops. Concludes with a glass of rosé wine outside the cafe at Dunkers Culture House. Then the train home.


Deck chairs