Grå Läge - Höganäs
a 13-km coastal walk along the beautiful beaches on the trail Kullaleden Grå Läge - Viken - Höganäs.

August 15, 2013
"Höganäs (Fortsätt" it says at the exit to bus 220 towards Höganäs. "What do that mean?" Someone ask me. "Is it delayed?" "No it means it continues to... " I look at the schedule "Mölle". "Good, That is where we are going. Thank you". Inside the bus I do not see what is on the display with the next stop, fortunately my hearing is still good so I'm going off at "Domsten road 111", ie Grå Läge.

The Skåneleden shelter is located at the edge of a pine forest with views to the sea. A motorcycle has taken a break. The trail goes over grass heath, past the rose bushes. The deserted beach is rocky in places and at times difficult to walk. Lone benches look towards the sea . Outside, stems large vessels. Few people are out walking dogs. The heather blooms. Toward the land is low-growing knotty pine. A boardwalk leads through an area of reeds. In the north, the village Viken is approaching. Blackberry thicket, ah ripe berries, let me take some. Fort number 739 protects the coast. A sign tells of its construction. The last bit into Viken is on a road.

Viken is a small idyllic community, which I described from another visit. In a park are interesting grinding grooves. In the harbor is the statue of the fisherman whose arms are not long enough. Want coffee but the restaurant does not open until 12, now it is only 11. There is a small harbor museum which is closed at this time. North of the harbor is a bay. Fort 740 protects from the north, it has a funny bump on the head, a kind of weird camouflage.

Benches invite to lunch break number 1. Father and son are flying a dragon. Try anyway. Despite good wind from the sea want the dragon fly straight into the ground. The trail goes on assets over grass heath, I'll take the beach. The cabanas are on a line. Out in the strait stands a lighthouse. There are a few who swim, the beach is nearly empty. I forgot swimwear, would have been nice to have a bath, the sun heats. Nude? Well, not crowded but it probably would not be appreciated anyway. I'm not young and good looking. On a bridge, a man sits in the sunshine. Small waves hitting the shore. Seek the toilet just below the car park. From the car park, I look out over the grass heath. Go back down and follow the gravel path, joggers bouncing past.

Coming up to a golf course. Not many playing. The path becomes sandy, I'll take the beach instead. On the rocks out in the water standing comorants and dries its wings. I take lunch number 2. In the north is Lerberget. In the south, glistening ocean, a woman goes out for a swim. Continue on the beach. Following footsteps in the sand at the water. At a stream it stops, goes enough to wade, but I go up to the path and a bridge. Following the gravel path until Lerberget. On the road past the harbor. Pauses there at a table. Using the toilet. Leaving Lerberget on the sandy beach.

Mussel shells forms a cat's head. It has feasted, around it is chelas. Walks past a row of caravans. A fence on the beach is marked "Newly planted." Wondering what is planted, looks the same as outside the fence. Passing a volleyball net. No one plays. Now it is not far from Höganäs. Switches between the gravel path and the beach. Chairs suns for themselves. In Höganäs is a great swimming beach, it seems shallow. The few who swim do it from the jetties near the marina. Go into the center. Finish with a cappuccino on Ciabatta Coffee House. Sitting outside in the shade.