Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Råå vallar

7 March 2010: By train to Helsingborg, where G with dog Z connect. City bus no 1 to All Saints Church in Råå. A small brick church built in the 1920s. A poster advertises baguette and soup lunch with music in the church. Cross a large parking lot until Råå Vallar. The ramparts were built as defense against invading Danes in 1710's. Go north on it to a bastion, the place for artelleri. Ramparts stretches towards Helsingborg in the north. Something resembling a moat is in front of it. In front of it is a second world war fort from the Per-Albin defense line. Trying to climb the fort for a picture of the ramparts, a foot there, the other there, up I go. My friend instructs. Damned! I can not get up. Old man. Follows the ramparts towards south. It is not bathing season, everything is closed. Dogs greet each other. A gull sits on a jetty, with the sea and island Ven as background. Sit down on a jetty and eat lunch. Go to a toilet before I go up on the southern bastion. Families with children enjoying themselves at the swings below. G and Z are playing with a small ball. Fish houses are winter deserted. A woman goes out on a bridge in the cold bath house. South of the cold-bath house is a another Per-Albin fort, a bit lower than the previous. A small child runs up easily on it. Maybe I can? With difficulty I clambered up. A couple on a bench against the cold bath house is laughing at me. We continues to Råå museum. Closed, viewing it through the window. Inside is the world circumnavigator Kurt Björklund boat, he made three races, the first when he was 60. Stroll along the river Råå. Boats are moored. Bypasses a liars shed. Shows G where the trail to Gantofta begins.