Pålsjö skog
is a forest in northern Helsingborg close to Öresund, within walking distance of residential areas. There are many who come here to stroll or take a jog.

March 3, 2012: After eating lunch at Linnea garden we enter on a footpath in Pålsjö forest. Many people who are out in the beautiful weather, walking, walking the dog or jogging. Leave the trail and go freely in the forest, at the  edge along farmland. The dog can run free for a while. Connects back to a footpath. In the west is Öresund visible. Although spring is on the way will take a while before the leaves emerge. The path continue between pasture and forest. Turns into a muddy trail. Joggers passes. We walk freely between the beech trunks, the dog may roam again. Coming up to a path that takes us to a parking lot at the Landborgen.

Following the walk on Landborgen, here and there are viewpoints on Öresund with benches. Villa Thalassa, a former hostel, is boarded up and is said to be for sale. The stately house, built in the early 1900's, is beautifully situated overlooking the sea. Thalassa is Greek for sea. In addition there are pavilions with rooms that were hired out, looks great. Going over a meadow, then through hornbeam walk "Dark walk" up to Pålsjö castle, the castle is from the second half of the 1600s. Today, it is a group of entrepreneurs who own it. Rounds the castle, out on the road, jumping over a creek to a trail. The trail goes down in a valley, a creek valley. On its north side is a small icefall. Bridges takes us across the creek.

We leave Pålsjö forest for dinner at the Gyllene Prag at St. Jörgen's place. Bohemian goulash stew with Czech beer. Tastes excellent. The toilet is interestingly decorated.