Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Mölle pasture

Nyhamnsläge - Lerhamn - Mölle:
a Coastal Walk on pastures at Öresund, about 7 km.
11 April 2010: Nyhamnsläge center. I press the stop button on the bus. Walk through the quiet and idyllic Nyhamnsläge down to the harbor. Continue north on a short stretch of a coastal road.  A stile lead into the pasture. A gate is open, we use that instead. To the north is a heath like beach strip. The shoreline is rocky. Walk on small ridge. Pits may be ancient graves? Pass small ponds. On the horizon in the north is the mountain Kullaberg. In the south the sun's rays are shining over the sea at Höganäs. A natural bank of stones may be the shoreline of the Sea Litorina for 7000-4000 years ago. Leaves the pasture over a stile to the village Lerhamn. After the port is a small beach. We take the path between the coast and houses. A stile leads into Mölle pasture. Dry meadows, wetlands, ponds, rocky beach. The only thing I see flowerings is a single daisy. Oystercatchers and lapwings whirl through the air. Cormorants are drying their wings, an unknown bird swims in the sea. The ponds are a bit later in the season a place with Fire-bellied Toad concerts. Now it's quiet. Cruising between bushes, rocks, and wet areas. Climbing over a stile. Follows a stone wall at the water mill (Vattenmöllan). Crossing the streams on small bridges. A larger pond, maybe a Fire-bellied Toad pond? We are now close to Mölle. The hills of Kullaberg stretches. Leaves the pasture via a stile near the shoreline. There is time for ice cream at the port before the bus departs.


Near Mölle