old fishing village with medieval origin and medieval street layout, the old houses at the port area are mostly 1800's.

April 22, 2011: After studying grinding grooves I have time for a walk in the village Viken. It is Easter, a flower bed is decoreted with  Easter decorations. I stop at Sophia mill, a windmill of Dutch type (the cap is rotated by the wind) from the 1838. In the magazine section is an exhibition on the art tour. Watercolors with Scanian motives. Walk the main street, Bygatan, to the church. A small whitewashed church from the 1825. There is a service, so I do not enter. Returning on the Bygatan, past half-timbered houses with thatched roofs. In Conditori Öresund garden restaurant, I take a yughurt and a cinnamon bun.

Walk then down towards the harbor. There are many small streets and houses with thatched roofs on the way I choose to go. In the marina is the Gallery Hamnen. Also this is participates in the art round exhibition, paintings and sculptures. There are sculptures also otherwise in the harbor. "Tor's fishing trip" by Aron Sandberg. "Luck, hope, and love" by Jonas Högström, a girl with a frog and the fisherman arms are not long enough. In the marina is also a maritime museum, but it does not open until the summer. I have my lunch with me and I have to go to the bus to Höganäs. Otherwise tempts Hamnkrogen with food. It is a difficult away game against Höganäs.

Viken's culture and village association
Conditori Öresund
Galleri Hamnen