is a stream valley on the south slope of the ridge Söderåsen east of the Billesholms. A lush valley with disused quarry.

May 24, 2015
A narrow dirt road leads to the parking lot at Åvarps pasture. Fully in the parking lot. Sets the car at the side of the road. On the pasture blooming apple trees. The flora appears to species-poor, Tormentil, Germander Speedwell and perhaps there is a hawkweed. A couple with a happy little dog are sitting in the sun with coffee. There are cows with a bull on the pasture. Bulls are not to be trusted. Instead of going on the pasture so it will be the path to the highway towards Stenestad.

Then right on the gravel road past the Båv. Anise blossoms by the roadside, crumble the leaves, smell licorice. Before the bridge over the brook Hallabäcken is a wide path east into Hallabäcken valley. The trail follows the stream in lush greenery. The north side gets steep. A path seems to lead up the slope. Meets a riding company. At the creek is a beautiful portfolio with fern. The brook gurgles, birds singing.

Coming to an opening. A disused quarry. Shards covering the ground. Here was broken diabase and amphibolite to ornament- and monumental stone such as gravestones. Behind the tree is visible steep bare cliffs. Proceeds to the next opening. Here you can see the mountain clearly, it rise steeply. Sitting down for lunch. A stream falls from the top. Sounds like a bigger waterfalls.

A fuzzy knobby path goes further up the valley. Met earlier a man who said that you come to a bridge, "Some distance". Returning after a while, get here another time. May also be another time to try the path up the slope. Horses walk in the paddock at the Båv. Daisies, an apple tree and a milk table frames it all.