Grevie backar
Nature Reserve on Bjärehalvön with grazed ridges, juniper fields, pastures, small forests. In the spring  Pasqueflower in its western part.

April 25, 2018:
Rainy morning. Preparing lunchbox. When the rain cease we drive on small roads to Landskrona. Then E6 north. Many trucks on the road. Nice to drive off to Margretetorp at Hjärnarp. Installing us in booked room at the guesthouse. Fine.

Drive road 105 to Grevie kyrkby. To the left after the church. At Killebäckstorp there is a parking for Grevie backar. On the grazed meadows flower pasqueflower in the spring. At the last visit they had already bloomed. The north side is filled with almost flowering pasqueflower. Spring is late this year. Beautiful. Beautiful weather. Many pasqueflower bloom. Walking around the slopes. A red kite is hovering. Tinabäcken in the middle meander beautifully. At the end is a small house. On the eastern side wood anemone. Eating late lunch among the pasqueflowers. Haze, in the south one barely sees the sea. A bunch of silent birdwatchers, a talkative woman.

We go Skåneleden on the hill towards Grevie. The birches have small green leaves. Turns halfway. Time to return to the guesthouse. Dinner with grilled pike-perch and mashed potatoes, a glass of wine, strawberry sorbet with melted rhubarb and chorizo ​​grains. Good.

April 30, 2011: Goes off the bus at Grevie church. It has its origin in the 1100s but was completely remodeled in the 1800s. The church is open! The altar frescoes are as late as 1937 by Pär Siegård and depicts Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. From the church I walk the bicycle along the highway into the Grevie. On the way I greet a few horses in a pasture. In another paddock are sheep and lambs. Beyond them is a glimpse of the nature reserve Grevie slopes, or also known as Grevie ridges. The characteristic feature of the area are the grazed eskers.

A stile leads into the ridges, which are the result of when the ice of the last ice age melted. On top of the esker is a path that Skåneleden also follow. It is not that high, but it goes up and down with views over the district from the heights. Juniper, anemones, flowering cherry trees and blackthorn growing on them. All around spread the fields and pastures out. Passes a number of stiles. In southwest is a glimpse of Skälderviken and Kullaberg. Passes through a small grove of trees. Coming out on a field of junipers. Beautiful flowering trees. There shall be an amount of Pasqueflowers  here somewhere on the ridges, has so far not seen any. At a stile I meet a couple that I ask where they are? You come to them after the grove here, but they are almost blossomed. Wanders through the grove. Even wood anemones are on the way over. A see a rather exciting valley in the forest. Pass something that was a dance pavilion, a stone ring and a foundation. Difficult to dance here today. There are kettles here but I can not find them. A stile leads over a stone wall out of the forest to open pastures.

The border of the forest consists of a beautiful stone wall that undulates over ridges. Here are the slopes with pasture and Pasqueflowers. The only grazing the animals I see are a few horses. Here are Pasqueflowers, but they are almost completely blossomed. In the valley between the hills flowing stream Tinabäcken, who should have got its name because it never freezes. A lot of people is moving over the fields. A road goes along the edge of nature reserve, where there is a parking lot. There should be a burial ground here, perhaps here where I stand and look down towards the parking lot? Wandering around looking for Pasqueflowers still blooming. Aha, there are some. I should have been here a week earlier. But it is beautiful here anyway. Chat a while with an older man who also photograph the flowers. Sit down in the lee of the rather strong wind and have lunch.

On the way back, I take a different route, follow the culture trail which is marked with blue markers. It takes a road past the ancient monuments, but most of them I can not find. Goes along meadows, pastures, looking down at Tinabäcken in a lush valley, through forest, something that perhaps is a standing stone. Flowering trees, a big beautiful lone beech, the remains of a cattle drove. Where the path connects to Skåneleden again is an old road.

Follows the ridges back towards Grevie. Sit down on the slope to rest for a while. Clap, click, clap, I hear behind me. Looks up. On the trail is wandering a lonely dog, a grey thing. Dog? It is more like a wolf. Could not be, but it was a wolf in Helsingborg not so long ago. "The Wolf" ignore me completely and continues on Skåneleden towards Grevie. Well, it must be a dog I decide. I rise to follow it, but it has already disappeared. An illusion? Tired, I go to Grevie and take the bus home.