Örenäs castle
castle at Glumslöv and the coast of Öresund. Hotel, restaurant, conferences. Situated at the former fishing village Ålabodarna, with a view towards Öresund.

June 24, 2011: Midsummer Eve at Örenäs castle.
Many cars, guides are waving them to and fro, and eventually end up on a lawn. Örenäs castle is beautifully situated above the village Ålabodarna overlooking Öresund. The lawn in front of the castle is full of Midsummer celebrating people. The Midsummer pole is dressed and waiting to be brought in and erected. Goes to the coffee tent. "It looks good", meringue, strawberries and cream. Sitting down at a table below the terrace. Swedish flags adorn the flower bed. The pole is carried in and raised to the music. Folk dance team show what they can. Children, parents, elderly, and wheelchairs form a ring. Traditional dances, funny frogs, so this is done when, as the crow about to go ..... . Game leader directs. Those who have got a place on the terrace has great views of the dance and Öresund. Inside in the castle's restaurant isit prepared for the herring buffet. Thanks for the dance, at three o'clock it's over. Drive home and lay my midsummer table.

Örenäs castle