Battle at Landskrona
North of Billeberga is a monument of the Battle of Landskrona, July 14, 1677. The battle ended in a defeat for the Danes, who retreated to Landskrona.

March 26, 2011: A hot summer day, July 14, 1677 was fought a great and bloody battle on the fields just east of Landskrona. The battle was between Danes under Christian V and the Swedes under Charles XI in the battle for Scania. It ended with a swedish victory and the Danes retreated to Landskrona. In 1911 was a monument erected, just north of Billeberga at route 17 at the side road to Hedenborg, in memorial to the battle. Outside is a small parking pocket. Sets the car and go through the gate. A standing stone with inscriptions and cannons as decoration. 'Ancestors heroism for future generations to sacrifice everything for the fatherland' I read the inscription. So you would never write today. A largely unreadable plan of the battle. At the top is Karl XI's monogram. To the east is Rönnberga hills visible, where the Danes a few days earlier had taken a position. I look out to the fields in the northeast against Tirup, where the Swedes came marching. When the battle was over, thousands of soldiers were killed or wounded. The blood begins to flow out of my right nostril. As the summer day almost 334 years ago is the earth red with blood. Find a paper handkerchief in my pocket and trying to stem the flow. The handkerchief has been in its pocket for years, now it come to the use.

Drive to Tågarp and retrieve forces with coffee and napoleon pastry at Tågarp cafe. Continue to Tirups church, here marched the Swedes that hot summerday. Today it is quiet and rather cold. Drive home via the road to Källs Nöbbelöv, at the distant is Lund seen. There was the year before, December 4 1976, another battle, the Battle of Lund.