lush and beautiful nature reserve with  gullies in Råån valley at Vallåkra. Borgen got its name from an ancient fort from the Iron Age, from which it still remains an earth embankment .

April 14, 2017
After visiting the stoneware factory and lunch at the restaurant a walk to Borgen. Have not been here when wood anemones blossoms. The castle, a nature reserve, is a hill on which the Iron Age was a castle. Walk there, under the railway and over the Råå river. Passing wood anemones Edged by joke. After the bridge over the river there are some Liverleaf. Follow the path up the brook. Meet a couple who picked nettles for soup. Turn up on the hill. On the plateau are many with Easter coffee. Now before the greenery is not yet grown, the embankment surrounding the castle is visible. Walk the least steep path going down. Follow a barely visible path heading south before the river. Blocked by fallen trees and disappears. Return and walk to the railway station. Also read about Vallåkra Dinosaurs

October 28, 2010: The hare is waiting ... at the station in Vallåkra, on what I do not know, it does not go on the train. I walk to the ceramic ware factory where I follow the trail along the creek, filled to the brim. The autumn-colored leaves provide a beautiful setting. Where the creek goes under the railway is a footbridge across the brook. Over the brown sludge Råån is a pedestrian bridge. Follow the path along the river until the ravine of the creek Borgbäcken, the trail continues up along the creek. Magnificent autumn colors. Crossing the creek on a bridge. Looking out on a pasture. Walk further up in the autumn colored creek valley. Trees has fallen and lie mossy over the brook. Crossing the creek again.

Coming up to a turning place, which can also be used as parking place. A few cars, it is muddy after rain, waste is thrown here. A dirt road leads here. Crosses the creek, and walk up in the woods. A path should go here, looks overgrown. A rotten stile. From the parking lot I take the trail to the plateau of the ancient fort. A broken bench, railing prevents you from falling down the slope into the ravine. At the top are the remains of an earth embankment and moat after an ancient fort from the iron age. Also a remain of a burial mound. Slopes are steep down in all directions. understand that they chose the location. I sit on a stone and have lunch.

I take the steep path straight down, it's wet and slippery. Tjatjatja .. a squirrel is chattering at me from a tree. I get safely down and goes back to the ceramics factory. I follow a small path that goes in to a place where it seems to have been taken clay for the ceramics. Looking into the store and have a word with the owner. 'Is not it beautiful with all the fall colors. Have you seen the trout migrate?' she says. 'Trout?' I wonder. 'Yes, they walk up the creek now.' I go and set me by the brook to look for the trout. Do not see any. A man passes by with photographic equipment. 'Have you seen any trout? " he shouts. 'Nah, not at the second creek either. Have you?' I reply, trying to sound knowledgeable. 'Nah'. Time to take the train home. The hare is waiting ...

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