Hven ( Ven )
the bike-friendly island in the middle of the Öresund. Known for their steep shores Backafall. On the island, Tycho Brahe had his observatory. Today there is a museum. The island is a popular destination during the summer.

August 18, 2018:
This summer a boat goes from Knutpunkten in Helsingborg to Bäckviken. A friend meets up at the boat. We haven't booked, but no problem getting this beautiful morning. A little bumpy sea, a nice crossing.

We choose not to rent a bicycle, but we walk instead. The island is not big. We are soon at the Tycho Brahe Museum with a cafe. Starting with lunch in the cafe, a pie. Tycho lived in the 16th century and was the man who measured the position of thousands of stars with great precision. The measurements were used by Kepler later after Tycho's death to describe the planetary paths with the sun being in the center. But it didn't believe Tycho. He died in Prague where he is buried, where I have been and looked at during a Prague trip in 2016. The museum is housed in a former church. There are texts and copies of some of his instruments. His sister Sophie has her own stand. She participated in his work and also did her own studies of medicine and chemistry. In the garden, where his building Uraniborg was located, he stands statue and looks up to the stars. Some of the instruments were under ground in Stjärneborg. Restored remains remain. An audio and light display is shown for ten minutes. Ten people at a time, dark, crowded.

Walk the road to St Ibbs fine church. Ibb is a Danish form of the male name Jakob. Beautiful view of Backafallen and the harbor. There is a guided tour in there. The church is from the 13th century. Bench front doors are from Tycho's time.

On the way back we try to get some food. Impossible, closed for the season (!?), Closed completely, closed for the day (at 16), or we are ignored by the staff. Instead we have coffee and cake in the harbor while waiting for the boat to Helsingborg.