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A mixture of pictures from Skåne.

Agusastugan in Agusa west of Brösarp is from the first half of the 19th century, a halftimbered house. Agusastugan is today a museum, the house and interior is as when the last owner left 1943. Not much had changed before then.

Albertaravinen. Between Alberta and Esarp meander Höjeå between pastureland in a broad valley. The vegatation is rather rich and luxuriant.

Allmänningen in Eslöv is a nature reserve. The area is a forest, and is geological interesting border from the glacial period. Around Hundramannastenen is it kept open to show this border. The name of the stone is from around 1900 when one created unions of 100 members to help sick.

Backåkra. Museum of Dag Hammarskjöld. The meditation place was made in his memory.

Bosarps jär.

Bullltofta is a recreation area made on what previously was an airport in Malmö. Here one find trees, meadows, water, hills, and paths.

Bälteberga south of Vallåkra. A beautifull valley with the river Råån.

Bösmöllan. Bösmöllan at Kävlingeån south of Lilla Harrie. Water powered mill nowadays used for electric power production. Beautifully situated at Kävlingeån. Länk>>>.

Dagstorpssjön is found west of Höör. On the north side is a nice small beach. The surroundings of the lake are beautiful, e.g. beech forests.

Eklunden. When Lund 1990 celebrated 1000-years was oaks planted at Hardebergaspåret. Nearby is a fire place. At Hardebergaspåret is a memorial stone.

Eneskogen (Juniper forest) at Anderstorp east of Röstånga.

Erikstorps kungsgård at Borstahusen, founded by Erik av Pommern in the 15th century. The main building of today is from 18th century, contains a restaurant. Länk>>>.

Esarp where in the former school is Kulturforum Esarp. Upstairs is a school museum and the local artist Theodor Jönsson artists preserved home as it was when he left it. Downstairs is there sometimes an artexhibition.

Flodahusdammen on Ravlunda field. At the end of may can one listen to Oriolus oriolus (Eurasian Golden Oriole).

Flommen is a nature reserve on the Falsterbo peninsula. A well known place by bird-watchers. Pasture land and wetland.

Frueräften is a small forest northeast of Lund. I visit it to see the wood anemone in the spring.

Harlösa. Between Hjularöd castle and Harlösa is a beautiful valley, with a small brook in the middle. The slopes are used as pasture land. The trail Skåneleden pass through the valley. At the church is a watchplatform with a view of the valley of the river Kävlingeån.

The Hasse och Tage museum in Tomelilla. Hasse and Tage are famous comedians in Sweden. The museum is small, and during season do one have to book a time in advance.

Hyby backar at Hyby offer views of the landscape in the southwest of Skåne.

Jällabjär is a hill east of Röstånga, the hill is what remain of an old vulcano. The area is a nature reserve and consist of deciduous forest and pasture land.

Järavallen is an area north of Barsebäck. Here one find the sea, meadows, forest, and ponds. The highway E6 cut it in two pieces.

Karaby hills is at Västra Karaby west of Kävlinge. From the hills is a far reaching view. On the hills are several mounds and one boulder stone.

Karups ängar is part of Klingavälsån's nature reserve near Ilstorp. At the bridge over Klingavälsån near Kumlatofta is a parking place with a platform for bird watching.

Klörups häkte. In Klörup, on the road between Ö Grevie and Alstad is Klörups custody from 1809. In the house was an arrest and detention guard housing. In Klörup was once a court and an inn.

Knäbäckshusen between Vik and Stenshuvud. The village that was moved when Ravlunda shooting-range was made.

Krutmöllan. Water powered mill at Kävlingeån east of Kävlinge. Gunpowder (Krut) was produced in the 17th centurty, the origin of the name.

Kungsmarken between Lund and Södra Sandby. Nature reserve with golf court and ruined castle. Botanically interesting, protected and maintained by the golf club.

Kvesarumssjön. Kvesarumssjön is a small beautiful lake west of Södra Rörum. In the eastern part of the lake is a small but nice bathing place. At the lake is Kvesarum castle.

Liarum is northeast of Linderöd. Here one find a beautful meadow, well woth a botanical visit in the spring.

Lillsjödal. At Lillsjödal west of Sösdala is a beatiful beech forest. At a pond is one of the shelters on the trail Skåneleden. In northeast are small ridges. At the gravel road to Sösdala is Lillsjödals frilfuftsgård, owned by the Lunds university students.

Ljungen east of Veberöd is one of the few remaining heathlands. Klingavälsån meander through the heath. In the western are oak groves. Nearby is an old railway which is not used any more.

Lyby. At Lyby south of Hörby is a maple avenue along the road to Osbyholm. Here is also a far reaching view towards Hörby and Ringsjön.

Magle våtmark. South of Hässleholm where the ridge Göingeåsen start is the constructed wetland Magle, with footpaths and a rich birdlife.

Maglö ekar. Maglö oaks is a small nature reserve west of Sösdala, with old oaks. The reserve was founded because of the old oaks.

Military museum in Hässleholm has a collection of military vehicles.

Munkarp is a village between Stockamöllan and Höör. At the village are remnants of boulder ridges, Munkarps jär, protected as a nature reserve.

Natthall near Anderstorp east of Röstånga offer a nice view of Rönneå.

Norra Rörum village northeast Höör.

Pinedalen is a broad valley south of Eastern Ringsjön. On the slopes grow deciduous forest. The spring Kungskällan (King spring) on the eastern slope has got its name from when the king Karl XIV visited the valley. The trail Skåneleden pass Pinedalen from Gudmnuntorp up to Ringsjön. In the valley is pasture land.

Pudesjö. At Hyby at the road 108, south of Staffanstorp, is a small bathing lake Pudesjö.

Rönneberga hills. Rönneberga hills are located north of Asmundtorp, east of Landskrona. From the hills do one have views in all directions. There are several mounds on the hills.

Saxån meander in the landscape north of Dösjebro. At Annelöv is an old stone bridge.

Sextorp south of Hörby is a park with a forest of rhododendron. The park is private, but one is allowed to visit it. Besides the rhododendron is the beech forest worth a visit.

Sofiero north of Helsingborg. King Gustav VI Adolf's summer recidence. Known for the palace garden and the collection of rhododendrons. It was bequethed to the city Helsingborg. Entrance fee. Link>>>

Spjällabcken is a hill south of Sjöbo towards norther part of Fyledalen. I walked up through the forest beneath a ski slope. Hoped for a good view, but trees was in the way. Walked back on a marked trail and got the a glimpse of view between the trees. Walked down on ski slope.

Stenskogen. Stenskogen is between Ringsjön och Höör. It consists of hilly forests. There are many traces from quarries, e.g. production of millstones. One can still find millstones from the production in the forest.

Stångbymässan is a yearly art- and handicraft fair in Stångby between Lund och Eslöv.

Tirups örtagård south of Lund with plants, garden, café, play ground, shop

Trollenäs castle west of Eslöv. Have a stroll in the park. Näs church is from the 12th century. In Borgstugan is a cafeteria and gallery.

Trollsjön park in Eslöv with dance floor and cafeteria.

Tvedöra a gravel pit filled with water. Take a bath here. It is on the road between Södra Sandby and Torna Hällestad.

Vallby mosse wetland and nature reserve east of Kyrkheddinge. It's origin is from the last glacier period.

Vombs fure. South of Vombsjön is an area with coniferous forest. Pine was planted mainly during the 19th century to prevent the sand to drift. Dunes can still be seen in the forest. Many visit the forest during the automn to pick fungus.

Öved. At Öved are several beautifuk roads, e.g. the avenue at Övedskloster.

Krageholm windmill


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