Harlösa Bligehöj
overlooking the Vomb valley from a platform at Harlösa church, 'Skåne's most beautiful view '.

August 28, 2015
The rain is pouring down. Cancel? Wait. The evening is young. It gets better. When we drive towards Harlösa the rain has ceased. The sun come when we park at the view point Bligehöj opposite the church in Harlösa.

This is Avian Kingdom with Vombs meadows, Krankesjön and Klingavälsån, information about the area. On a table next to the Donationshus, a former old people's home and now museum, it is served up different kinds of ham, salad, bread, sauce, cheese, raspberry, cherry plum and light beer. Birthday. Enjoy it with the view and an increasingly bright sunshine.

The coffee is consumed at the table on the platform. Unfortunately obscured the view of the railing. On the table is a simple map of Skåne with Vombsjön, Krankesjön and three hiking trails.

Driving home at sunset.

13 Aug 2010: Take off on the road up to Harlösa church. Opposite the church is a parking lot. On the slope towards Vomb valley has been built a viewing platform. On a sign is it described as 'Skåne's most beautiful view'. It may each judge by oneself, but beautiful it is. Signs provide information about the valley's geological history. The basin was formed when the rock settled. Glaciofluvial deposits make the soil sandy. In southeast glimpse Vombsjön, in south is the peak Romeleklint on the ridge Romeleåsen. The basin extends further west. Adjacent to the platform, facing east, is the building Donationshuset. In the past, a sort of retirement home for old people working at the nearby Hjularöd castle , now a museum. On the platform there are tables and benches. Sit down with muffins and coffee and enjoy the sunset. Drive home towards the land of the descending sun. At Hammarlund's windmill escape the sun below the horizon.

Harlösa byalag