Gårdstånga wetland
artificial ponds along the river Kävlingeån on both sides of E22. A lot of birds and good for skating in winter.

February 11, 2012: Kävlingeån is frozen and snow-free. A rowing boat is frozen by the river. It is only at the outflow from the pond where there is running water. The pond look like a mirror. It invites you to skate. I lace on my hockey skates of the 1960th decade model. They fit still. I have not gone skating for over ten years. On wobbly legs, I take myself out on the ice. Do some careful skating, hu help so slippery! Some more, leaving the shore. Feel uncertain. Children can, they pass by me. The ice is a bit rough and cracked. Beautiful. Wobbling on out to one of the islands. Going better and better. Discuss with the mother to the children about our old skate models. The brain remembers my childhood lessons from Vena marsh in Hässleholm. On the ice are traces of other animals. Slides to the other end of the pond. Studying beautiful structures in the ice. Do not fall even once. Superb. Becoming bolder. Faster, can stop, can overlay on the left. More difficult to right. Hey, higher speed. Skate around and around. After an hour, I am satisfied. The reward is hot chocolate.

January 6, 2012: Drive to the wetland at Gårdstånga to try out my new telephoto zoom. A fieldfare is sitting in the bushes at the driveway. I have not been at the ponds on the west side of the highway. Walk under the motorway at Kävlingeån. There is a large pond. No birds, but a pair of swans are flying over me. On the west side is a stile, maybe one can go further west? I do not try. Kävlingeån is filled beyond its banks. Going back to the east side. Coots and swans is what's in the pond there.

11 October 2009: The rain has stopped. Must come out, I drive to Gårdstånga northeast of Lund. I park the car at the bus stop, there are no busses on Sundays. On the other side of the road is a narrow road between fields. A gate block it for cars to drive there. Cows are looking at me when I go down the road, 'We have never seen him before' they seem to think. I arrive at a field with sugar beets. Towards the higwhay E22 and the river Kävlingeån is a small wetland. The stile in there is blocked with barbed wire, but I manage to climb over. Then I discover that the gate on the side goes to open. The water level is low. A heron glides over Kävlingeån and disappears. I have binoculars with me, rather unusual that I remember to bring them, but it does not help. See no more birds. I continue to Kävlingeån. The trees are mirrored in the water. I walk between the river and wetland. It's good to walk, I walk one turn more. On the way out I use the gate, walk on the narrow road and back to the car. At he roadside flowers a White Campion. 'Hey, is it not a bit late to bloom? It is autumn'.

I drive onto the road to Igelösa. Stops at the mound just before the bridge over the highway E22. Goes up on the mound, hoping for a view of the wetland, but the tree foliage at Kävlingeån hide it. The Mound is decorated with metal geese.