is a water filled gravel pit and unofficial bathing area. Located at the road to Silvåkra on the road between Södra Sandby and Torna Hällestad. The area was 1823-1888 a military meeting place, after which a memorial stone is left. Today, it is surrounded by a military training area.

September 25, 2018
The trees at the memorial stone are gone. Walk down to the lake and walk clockwise around the lake. The path goes among trees and bushes to an open space with a small bathing area. Here also a path goes up to the road to Silvåkra. Here we take the coffee with cookies purchased at Eva's home bakery in Södra Sandby. It is warm in the water, would have had swimwear.

Continuing on the path along the grassy edge. Out in the water stands a birch platform, perhaps the one used in the suction. A dead tree is spreading to the sky. To the south is a larger beach. In a scree are many holes, perhaps sand martin stay. Above it is a simple barrier. The armed forces want to use the land, that's theirs. So there are fewer with parking facilities for bathing peolpe. We take the path back to the smaller car park at the memorial stone. Among trees and with some views of the lake.

a military training ground in the 1800s, then sandpit, now a popular bathing lake. Tvedöra means clearing of sand/gravel.

2 october 2010: Tvedöra is located on the road between Södra Sandby and Torna Hällestad, at the crossing with the road to Silvåkra. At the car park is a memorial stone at some trees, erected in memory of that here was a military training ground in the 1800s. Passing through an angle, follow the trail down to the lake. Continuing on the path clockwise around the lake. Coming up to an opening and bathing. A narrow path leads down here, walk up it to a small parking lot on the road to Silvåkra. At a house is a small shed, in summer it is usually a small cafe. On a sign it says 'Memorial stone'. Follow the sign and  come up on a hill overlooking the lake. Here stands a stone with a sign with a drawing of the exercise field. The stone was erected in 1997 by 1949 seventh company in memory of Major Stellan Richter. Returning to the lake and follow the path clockwise. Young people are camping at the shore where reef is growing. Outside a fence are open pastures. This is cattle country. Can catch a glimpse of them far away. When driving on the roads here you have to look up, they move freely. Coming to a nice sandy beach. As a bathing raft is an old dredge a little off the shore. Nobody bath today, that belongs to the summer. A few pass by with dogs. A sign warn for being here, dangerous working place. Surely an ancient monument dating from the sandpit era. It is in places scratchy, including a broken bottle. Drink my coffee and eating a cinnamon bun on the beach. Walk up on the grass and wooded dunes around the sandpit. Still something that flowers. Completes the circuit.