Hyby hills
at Hyby offers high and low hills, with stunning views of the plains in southwestern Skåne.

6 March 2011: Oops! The entrance to the parking lot is blocked! There is just enough place to put my car. I ask a man who pass by "People used the parking lot as a garbage dump. The landowner got tired of it." It can be understood. At the stile to the fields one still warn of salmonella. A pair of panties is hanging on a pole. A sign reads "Warning, aggressive bull". What could have happened? Walk across the pasture to the embankment of the former railroad Lund - Trelleborg. Follows the embankment. Goes up on a crest west of it. Far away to the north Lund and Dalby are visible at the horizon, to the east is Romeleåsen. Moving on to the embankment again. At a rusty gate I go into the woods besides the railway embankment. Follows a stream, the ice is melting, it ripples happily. In a grove is a frozen swamp. Trying to get up on a hill but is hampered by dense shrubbery.

Returning to the gate, crawl through it. The embankment is here slightly overgrown. A short distance away has one plowed the embankment. Turns into a path in the forest. I pass a swamp, where a trunk has settled for the eternal rest. At a fence I turn and go back to the embankment. Buds are waiting for the spring. Moving up in the hills west of the embankment. Walk over the hills. There are several jumps here, perhaps for horse competitons? Trying to jump over one. Come just over. Good old days are gone. Behind a hill-crest, I see Hyby church tower. Birds of prey are flying in the sky. Eagle? I sit and eat lunch with the view of Lund far in the north. Then follows a small road towards Hyby. On the field I see deer. Out in the fields are islands of forests. I visit one. Hyby new church stands at the horizon. The ground is frozen, the ponds are still frozen. Not much sign of spring. Returning to the car. Drive to Hyby old church. It is nice inside, take a chance that it is open. It is not.

9 February 2008: I've just put away the cat. Feeling sad and drive to Hyby hills. A sign warn of salmonella. Follows the embankment, going up on a crest. I sit and just look out over the landscape. Do not remember much of the visit.