Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Röstånga skafferi

Röstånga mölla skafferi (Röstånga Windmill Pantry) , is a sourdough cafe, which despite its name is in Eslöv.
10 April 2010: Drive to Eslöv. I park on the square in front of the hotel Sten Stensson Sten. In front of the hotel is the sculpture 'Bird Mullosc' by Erik Gate. Above the sculpture flies the Eslöv flag. I walk to Storgatan 11 near the railway station. There is Röstånga windmill pantry, a different and pleasant cafe. Sourdough and ecologically based. I find it hard to choose. I study the jam jars and tea bar. Looking around in the cafe. Morot & Annat (Carrot & Other) has  an organic shop in one room. On a wall is a quote by A. Einstein. The rooms are all equipped with beautiful old 'rubbish'. Globe, accordion, scales, bird-watchers (?), and more. In the next room is a sofa, games, musical instruments, hair dryer (?), I decide for an apple pie and coffee. I sit down on the veranda, it is almost full inside. Just me on the veranda. A chair, child bicycle, supports the Swedish flag. On the way out I buy sourdough scones.

The A. Einstein quote has one on 'Faktoider' been unable to find as an Albert Einstein's statement.

Röstånga mölla
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