Röstånga Mölla Skafferi
in Eslöv has a branch in Malmö. Affordable sourdough bread and soup buffet in the cozy furnished premises.

January 12, 2013: Take the train to Triangeln in Malmö. Walk to Föreningsgatan 43, the address of Röstånga Mölla Skafferi. The sign says Café Selma. It is a branch of Röstånga Mölla Pantry based in Eslöv, where it is at the station, the interior is interesting with a lot of things and old furniture. Here it is in the same style, but not so elaborate. Old furniture, a mannequin, old gramophone. Crowded and cozy.

It has only open for lunch and serves a sourdough bread and soup buffet, salad bar, cheeses, cold cuts, and coffee/tea included. There are four different soups: fish soup, today with salmon, goulash soup, vegan- and chicken soup. I do not try chicken soup, vegan soup is a little too thin for me, goulash soup really good, fish soup superb. Bread and salad bar, with hummus I believe it is, makes it a perfect meal. Great value for 60 SEK.

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