Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Kivik Art Centre

11-12 August 2009: I take the bus to Simrishamn, where I am picked up for transport on small roads to Älmhult, a small farm, nice people, and especially cats. Then to Baskemölla, I am invited to a dinner and staying overnight. Next morning we drive to Kivik Art Center at Little Stenshuvud, which is higher than Stenshuvud. We are the only car in the large parking lot at Bergdala farm. A large screen gives information about the Centre. On the ground next to the parking lot is a concrete box 'Viewfinder'. We walk through the beautiful estate, works of art in itself. In a field do cows graze around an other concrete box 'Viewfinder'. The works of art are exhibited in nature, a narrow gravel road leads around. Cafe and information is contained in a strange module. An open empty room, 'Mothership', stands in the forest. 'Photo Boxes' shows profiles of faces. A high tower, controversial as a neighbour say it allows one to see into a their garden. We do not want do this so we do not climb it, in addition, it is closed at this time. On the hill above it are the three dancing figures, Julian Opie. At the top are cottages with sea view, we can look down on Kivik. It is very beautiful and better art than nature's works can not be found. Bypasses a beautiful grove with oaks. We leave and drive on the pleasant road past Austria to Stenshuvud. Early, we are alone. Long time since I saw the views without haze, I see it today: from the Southern, Eastern and Northern view points. Drive to Kiviks Musteri, buy cider and rose rid jam. I get coffee and sandwiches in Baskemölla before I am driven to Simrishamn busstation for the bus home.