Kulturforum Esarp
in Esarps old school between Genarp and Lund with art exhibitions, school museum, and the artist Theodor Jönsson's home.

April 8, 2012: The West Scania artist society has an exhibition during the Easter art tour. It demonstrates different techniques and motifs. In one room are paintings with scenes from the coast at Vik. It is highly mixed. Silver artist from Eslöv I know from before. Other I recognize from earlier art tours as I go around the rooms. She I know of course, glass art. She sits in the temporary cafeteria. Have a nice chat. Take myself a herring and egg sandwich and a light beer.

Upstairs lived the local artist Theodor Jönsson, and his residence is maintained. Paintings, library, interior is as it was.

Upstairs is also a school museum. An abacus, old physics experiments and equipment, desks, posters. I try out a school desk, I've outgrown it. It was a while ago.

Goes out to the carriage house, where it is also an art exhibition. Driving home through Dalby south forest, wood anemone, anemone, corydalis, golden saxifrage, all are nature's works of art about to bloom.

West Scania art society
Art and science

November 29, 2008: I drive to Esarp in light rain. In the former Esarps school has Kulturforum Esarp art exhibition 29-30/11. I drive in to the front, but the car park is on the back and the entrance is from the main road. I round the house and come in the way for a car that use the correct entrance. In the exhibition are yarns, ceramics, glass, paintings, furniture, sheepskin, silver, textiles. Much fit into the few rooms. A woman has painted cats. She is allergic to cats, so she may be content to paint them. Instead of a cat, she has a rabbit. Upstairs is a school museum and the local artist Theodor Jönsson artists preserved home as it was when he left it. These are just enough small museums in order to bother to go through it. I go upstais. "Excuse me, but it is closed" says a man "I have just opened privately for a short time". He locks, and I go downstair to the temporary café. Coffee and three kinds of cakes for 30 kronor. There is plenty of room, I am the only guest. I sit down down in a corner under a painting of Theodor. There are many people who go around among the exhibitors, eventually they come into the café. I leave, go out in the rain, and drive home.

Kulturforum Esarp