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Many say that there is no nature in the neighbourhood of Lund. One exception is the recreational are Skrylle east of Lund, between Dalby and Södra Sandby. There are pearls, naturereserves and one national park. Perhaps am I generous in the my definition av Skrylle.

Skryllegården is the central place in the area. This is where one can reach all places by foot. There are several jogging tracks of varying lengths, also suitable to walk with pram. Some of the tracks are illuminated. In the main building are restuarant, shower, sauna, gym. Shelters if you want to stay over night. There are fireplaces.

Naturum is at Skryllegården. Here one get information about nature, fauna, and flora in the area.

Myrstigen is a three kilometer trail. This is one of my favourites. One pass Skryllesjön, Måryds fälad, Måkullsbacken, och Boijsens dammar. North of Boijsens dammar is a parking place. Skryllesjön is a failed effort to make a lake in a previous quarry. Nice anyway.

Billebjer is as the name say a mountain (bjer = mountain in Skånska). Well, not a mountain but a hill where one side is a 40 meter high rock. From the top is a good view. In an old quarry is a lake, with steep rocks on three sides, the fourth has a shore.

Borelund is a nature reserve in southern Skrylle area, between Dalby and Torna Hällestad, with orchid-rich calcareous fens, and also with some other plants.

Dalby fälad nr 5, a nature reserve east of Dalby, is a remnant of the outfields that existed until the nineteenth century.

Dalby stenbrott,is an on old quarry filled with water. Many dive from the rocks. A popular place to have a bath. The surroundings, the ridge Knivsåsen have a nice beech forest and enclosed pastures.

Rögle dammar are fishing ponds not far from Billebjer, along the road towards Hardeberga. In Rögle is a convent where can rent a room to get peace and quiet. North of the ponds is a former tip made into an area for ramble.

Dalby hage consists of the forests Dalby Norreskog and Dalby Söderskog, inbetween is the pasture Hästhagen. Dalby hage is situated west of Dalby. Dalby Söderskog is a national park with several trails, the forest is allowed to maintain itself and can therefore look somewhat "dirty". Hästhagen is a pasture land. In Norreskog are wet areas, a mixed forest, and a part with beech. South of Dalby Söderskog is a parking place.

Vresbok is a type of beech with a mutation that makes it to grow in the most strange shapes. These strange beeches grow in Trollskogen and Prästaskogen. Through Prästaskogen is a three kilometer nice trail, that pass these beeches, one do also get a view of the landscape from a low ridge, at Torna Hällestad is a small pond. Then the trail return back. There is a parking place near Boklunden.

Mårydsboken is a larger solitaire vresbok in a field in Måryd east Skrylle.

Skryllerundan is 17 km long trail, which is a part of Skåneleden. The trail pass Jonstorps fälad, Dalby stenbrott, Knivsåsen, Borelundsåsen, and Prästaskogen. The part near Skryllegården is on the jogging tracks. It is a very nice excursion for a day. Jonstorps fälad is an enclosed pasture with junipers and a marsh. For a more detailed description read my diary on my page about Skåneleden.

Skryllesjön former quarry in Skrylle east of Lund, with a small lake, scenic views, grazed slopes. Ice skating in the winter if the lake freezes.

Rökepipan is a small, 100 meter long, lake near Dalby. In the lake grow several species of water lily. Close to the lake is a pasture, in the southern part of it is a depression (a "valley"), called "ravinen" i.e. the ravine.

Borelundsåsen and Prästamöllan are ridges west of Torna Hällestad.

This is only a very short introduction to the area around Skrylle, visit the homepage of Skryllegården (in swedish):
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Blomstervandringar i Skrylle. Friluftsfrämjandet in Lund. ISBN 91-631-4901-X. 80 pages (in swedish). I bought it in the reception at Skryllegården.



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