the nature reserve Gryteskog east of Lund, with a variety of twisted beeches that branches into knotty crooked trunks and branches. A mutant of ordinary beech.

December 18, 2011: Last time, in 2005, I walked the track milspåret from Skryllegården to Trollskogen, I stopped to see cranes in the sky. One more step and my thigh muscle broke. Took two years and two cancelled mountain hikes before it got good again. Today there are no cranes and the muscle holds. After about two kilometers I walk into the woods. A hare bounces away. It's wet, passing a swamp, before I reach the gravel road between Måryd and Torna Hällestad. Here, at the road grows many vresbokar, the strangely twisted beech 'Fagus silvatica v. tortuosa'. Throughout the area, around the nature reserve Gryteskog, is said to be a thousand of them. These nature's work of art with its twisted trunks and branches. If you want to drive here, you can put the car beside the road, or in the parking lot near Boklunden.

It is an advantage to be here when the trees have no leaves, when they show up better. There are older and juveniles. Each one has its own personality. A large normal great beech has fallen, perhaps in one of the storms. A vresbok is on its last voyage, it has probably been great but now decayed and rotten. Vresbokar in groups. Vresbok with flat grumpy crown. Thick crooked trunks. Scrabby crowns striving upwards. Some are beautifully decorated in green.

It starts to snow, the season's first here. Goes around and study the trees, I count at least to forty. Are certainly more here. Going away to Milspåret. A jogger defy the weather. Along the track is growing some vresbokar. They extend their crooked branches above me. Following Skåneleden back to Skryllegården. Hungry. On Skryllegårdens restaurant I eat a herring sandwich with a cup of tea.