Hällestads åsar
Borelund ridge and Prästamöllan are ridges just west of Torna Hällestad. They are mostly covered with beech (e.g. vresbok), and offers easy walking trails.

February 21, 2016: Vresbokar ('Fagus silvatica v. tortuosa')
Vresbok is a special type of beech with twisted branches. Park at the rest area along the road between Dalby and Torna Hällestad. Going up the ridge north of the road. Adjacent to the steep climb is a vresbok. Do not walk the steep path (Skåneleden) can be circular ridge and go a long sloping path. Along it, the few houses, standing a few vresbokar.

Walking on the ridge on the path towards Torna Hällestad. A larger vresbok is above a house. On the slope several vresbokar. The ridge ends at the former roadbed of the railway Dalby - Bjärsjölagård. Follow it to the village. On a hill is a big beech.

Walking to the church and studying the rune stones that are mortared in the wall of the church. Opposite the church on the square is a cafe and shop. Closed today, Sunday. Going back to the ridge. Following the trail below the ridge north slope. Vresbokar extending over the path. Return to the highway and the car park.

From the parking lot there is a path up the ridge south of the road. Several small vresbokar on the slope towards the road. Following the ridge. Turn south. Going down on a trail on the south side. Go back on it. A cyclist pass by. Pass a grove with beautiful vresbokar.

Torna Hällestads church

November 4, 2012:
Borelund ridge.
At the road between Dalby and Torna Hällestad, just before Torna Hällestad, is a parking. On the other side, the road ascends a ridge, Borelund ridge, formed during the last ice age. Walks up the twenty meter high ridge. Skåneleden follows the crest of the ridge here. This time of the year is the ridge embedded in autumn colors. I am embedded as well. The slopes are covered with newly fallen leaves. The ridge follows at the beginning the road, or it is the opposite, then it is curving away. Between the branches, I can barely see out over the district. It's good weather, despite this it's a few who has choosen to come here. It's probably most locals that come here. The ridge is not very long, soon I'm standing down at the Rabbit country.

Rabbit country.
A plain like a sandy steppe. There are a large number of insect species, some rare. Here was formerly a station on the railroad Dalby - Bjärsjölagård, passenger service was discontinued in 1955. There is a plaque on the site of the station house. Torna Hällestad was for long period a popular excursion. In one picture you can see that the ridge went behind the station house, if I understand right the ridge became a gravel pit, which laid the foundation for Rabbit country of today. Today, one is trying to preserve the sand steppes and prevent it from becoming overgrown. Embankment is today cycling and walking path. I follow it east.

I walk the bike path towards Dalby. In the south with Borelund ridge to the north is Prästamöllan that is my next goal. There's a sign "Lapp Port". The ridge is divided, one has to my knowledge been using the ridge as gravel pit. With a little imagination, one can mimic the ridge with Lapporten up at Abisko. Maybe it comes from there. I walk in through an angle to the pasture around the ridge. Going up on the ridge below the branches that extend out over ridge slope in searching for light. Following the ridge against Torna Hällestad. It's a nice walk among the autumn colors. A beech is showing its crabbed branches. Passing a stile. The sun peeking out and says that it is on the decline. Below the ridge is a house. I'm nearing the end of the ridge, it becomes more inaccessible, and I am soon on the gravel road from Torna Hällestad against Trollskogen. I walk back to the car on the north side of Borelund ridge, at some houses I go up on the ridge for the last part.