Billebjer is a small nature reserve east of Lund. It is mainly visited for its bath in the old quarry and its view from a cliff.

April 12, 2023
Two weeks earlier this year to get to see the pasqueflower. Just one more car in the parking lot. This time we follow the path north of the cliff. Bordered by wood anemones. Coming out on the field below the cliff. There are some flowering pasqueflower, but not in any quantity. Here we have our coffee. Go out through the gate to the path towards the east, then the path up towards the top of the cliff. Pass the stone that says "The cliff was donated to the Nature Conservation Society on 30/9 1921." and "Planted in 1884 by Per Johnsson Bengta Person". You can read that on the sign by the stone, because the text is too eroded. On the cliff there are a few fine pasqueflower, but not many here either. The view as usual nice. Going down through the forest, adorned with wood anemones. There is a lot of water in the quarry. Up to the view, then we take the stile into the field to the parking lot.

September 25, 2022
Drive to Linnebjer for outdoor coffee in the beautiful weather. Full in the parking lot, can barely turn around to get out again. Drive on to Billebjer. More space there. Follow the path around to the depression below the cliff. Meets riders and families with children. Up on the rock, people are sitting. Others pass where we settled down with the coffee near an apple tree. Go back on the path north of the cliff. Going down to the pond. There is a barbecue. Down by the water back to the view. There people sit and have coffee. The view is hidden by greenery. Drive home.

April 29, 2022
Drive to Billebjer to see the spring bloom. Just us in the parking lot. Going up to the view of the former quarry. Here there are some blooming pasquefloers, but also a lot of overblooming ones Continue around the mountain to get below the cliff. In the forest, a lot of wood anemones. On the hill below the cliff there are a number of pasquefloeras and anemones. Going up below the cliff, white with flowering sedge. The birch trees are turning green. Many seed stands from pasqueflower. It will be nice with coffee in the hollow below the cliff. Going up the slope of the cliff for views and more of pasqueflowers. Walk back on the path that goes around the mountain. Lots of blueberry rice and flowers.

August 28, 2020
Overcast day. There are probably not many people at Billebjer. In the parking lot, a man is working on a car. We were going to have lunch on the rocks above the quarry, but the view of the water is blocked by trees these days. Walks through the forest up on Billebjer, where there is a nice view. Not so nice is a fireplace on the cliff, with a broken bottle, and filthy. We go further up to the best view. Bring the trangian to make coffee. Have prepared wraps with tuna. Beautiful views, pleasant temperature, almost windless. A company of dogs passes by. A couple walks below the cliffs. We go down to the southern parking lot, from there to the pasture below the cliff. A couple is sitting on the cliff. Full of apples on the apple trees. To the pasture are new gates. Walk around the cliff, go back to the quarry. A bunch of technologists have something for themselves at the barbecue area. A woman is bathing at the bathing area next to it. Do not feel for bathing today. In the parking lot, the man is still messing with the car.

March 15, 2015
A few years ago I tried to walk a path up Billebjer steep side. Dared not the last bit, was in pain and it was slippery on the stones. Try again today, a little tired as then but else it is good. Up to the cliff there is no problem. Then simple climbing, heave myself up and I am up. That was easy. The view is as usual fine. My companion thin I should have climbed at the steep rocks. Want to get rid of me? Continues to walk around the water-filled quarry. Weather is not inviting a bath. Blue tit and great tit fly around.

January 13, 2013: Poor sleep. I give up a visit with a friend at Söderslätt and sleep a little longer. More alert and it will be a short ride by car to Billebjer. Rarely I am there in the winter. The parking lot is half full when I arrive. It is snowing lightly, the rocks at the water-filled quarry is powdered in white. The ice has not yet had time to fold over the water surface. Continuing up the hill to the south. Others are on the way down. A couple are standing and talking at the highest point, children playing with sticks. I walk carefully to the edge. The view disappears gradually in the light snow. The rocks are slippery, lightly powdered with snow.

I walk down the eastern slope, through an angle and then west in the hollow below the cliffs. At one point, one can with some easy climbing to get up the mountain. Trying, it's slippery and I'm a little stiff from the cold, the grip of the shoes are not the best. Dare me not all the way up, go down again when I am almost is up.

To the south lies crops and waiting for spring. Continuing on the path through the woods. Leaving it to go down to a small pond, it is usually hidden by the greenery in the summer. From the pond through the bushes to the quarry, where a family barbecue sausage. Walk around the quarry on a knitted path. Now the trees are leafless and do not obscure the visibility. It is a short walk, I am back at the cliff where I started. It's only my car left at the parking lot. The setting sun colors the horizon.

12 June 2010: Park at Skryllegården parking lot. Start by following the dog track. Cattles graze in the pastures. Follow the path in to a forest, a dog trail with different training stations. Joggers use it too, but not the stations. Then follow the gravel road to Billebjer. Going into the pasture below the high cliff. A large company has picnic in the green and red, catchfly is in full bloom. Goes below the rock to the end of the pasture to a passageway, from where I take the path up to the cliff. From here is a magnificent view. Below the cliff gives the company of, they look small from here. I take a break with the view. Then take the trail west, past a stone that says that 1921 was the area donated to the The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. Coming out on the major path to the quarry. Around the water-filled former quarry is it lush, with steep cliff edges. At the quarry is a simple bathing place. Takes the difficult path along the water's edge, there is a better path further away. Pass a beautiful fern. Arrive to the rock in the eastern part. Here is a car park that most visitors use, here is also a toilet. The reserve also includes open pastures. Going back to Skrylle along Rögle ponds, where some try their fishing luck. The forest path is lined with flowering Silverweed and Red Campion. Pass a bridge over a creek in which water the trees are reflected. The circular walk of eight kilometers is completed.