is a nature reserve in southern Skrylle area, between Dalby and Torna Hällestad, with orchid-rich calcareous fens, and also with some other plants.

May 27, 2023
The last visit was a reconnaissance. Today, via will guide a family of children among orchids, insects and frogs. We go via the usual route on the Skåneleden until the ridge where we enter the path to the west. Past seed stands from the pasqueflower, many orchids, but the insects and frogs in the pond are the most interesting. No lesser butterfly-orchid yet. The question is whether the coffee place is the most interesting place, it always attracts.

May 8, 2023 Drive onto the dirt road and park in the nature reserve car park. Follow the Skåneleden trail through the forest until we reach the ridge where we enter the path to the west. It is a sheer spring greenery. Full of white on trees and bushes. Not expecting many orchids yet. Marsh-marigold in the water collection. So also next to the board over the wetland. On the slopes, there are still occasional flowering pasqueflower. At our coffee place after the juniper trees on the slope towards the wetland, orchids are starting to bloom. A few pyramidal bugle . Some wood anemones. A short reconnaissance trip, not ready for orchid excursion yet.

June 15, 2022
Drive onto the dirt road and park in the nature reserve car park. Follow the Skåneleden through the forest until we reach the ridge where we enter the path west towards the orchids Hopefully heath spotted-orchid and lesser butterfly-orchid are now blooming. Leaving the Skåneleden and continuing across the flower meadows with the pasqueflower seeds and buttercups. Among the buttercups are heath spotted-orchid. A bush is covered with a web. Out in the meadow to the north are orchids. Walks on the ridge up to the reserve's western border where there are usually lesser butterfly-orchid. They bloom nicely. Rose bushes are in bloom. Going north across the meadow. On the slope, we take our coffee with Danish pastry.

Returning over the ridge to the wetland with all the orchids Also here are some heath spotted-orchid. The same splendor as usual. Orchids and buttercups. Cross the small stream and walk up to the boardwalk. Here too, orchids, buttercups and heath spotted-orchid. Haven't seen the heath spotted-orchid bloom here before. Walks past rose bushes along the path to the parking lot.

January 6, 2022
Today, drive onto the gravel road and park in the parking lot of the nature reserve. It's beautiful weather and there are several cars standing there. We are usually not here in the winter. Walk the Skåneleden enters the area. Several beautiful trees. We have coffee with us, this year first coffee out. Many more who are out in the beautiful weather.

June 5, 2021 Orchids
Usually park along the country road, today drive into the gravel road next toit and park in the parking lot of the nature reserve. Walk the gravel road ahead, pass the Skåneleden trail, and take the stile into the field. Meadow Saxifrage blooms. Yellow field with buttercups. Many orchids can be seen at the the low ridge. Walks below the ridge towards the wetland. Lots of orchids. Also buttercups. Goes up the ridge again. Rose bushes stand in white admiration. A slope with seed stands of pasqueflower. Looking for Lesser Butterfly-orchid in the western part of the ridge but finding none. Goes down to the water collection north of the ridge. Some orchids. The edible frog is heard, manages to see one.

Walks over the ridge and over the wetland. A little wet but you can cross over and jump over a small stream. Many orchids. A stock of what we guess is Common Cottongrass. Walks east between orchids. Sitting down for coffee in the splendor. Continue to Skåneleden. A whole bunch comes hiking with backpacks They see no orchids. We go Skåneleden back. A man comes jogging from Knivsåsen.

May 28, 20202: Orchids
Park as usual by the road towards Torna Hällestad. Follow the Skåneleden trail to the height where we turn off to Borelund. The pasqueflower show their beautiful seed stands. A school class comes walking on Skåneleden, disappears over the footbridge by the marsh. The rose bushes are in bloom. On the slope after the junipers are the first orchids. Many are small, perhaps too dry. Beautiful anyway. Buttercups mix with them. More orchids at the edge of the swamp. Have coffee in the green grass. Then walks on the ridge to the east. Looking for Lesser Butterfly-orchid , find no one. Meets a man. At the stile to the west we turn down towards the water collection in the north. A lot of orchids there too. Goes down to and over the marsh to go back to the southern part. Lots of orchids, but not like last year's flowering. Clouds form, becoming long between the sun's rays. Arrive at the footbridge. We continue a bit further. There stands a mighty oak. Goes over the footbridge, a small stand with lily of the valley. Takes another route back, Skåneleden across the meadow to the road. A stile at the fence, a sign warns of grazing cattle. Then the road to the parking lot. The clouds thicken, a drop of rain.

April 22, 2020: Pasqueflower
Park as usual by the road towards Torna Hällestad. Follow the Skåneleden trail to the height where we turn off west to Borelund. In the water pond, Marsh-marigold blooms. Some tufts of wood anemone. A lot of pasqueflower, a lot has bloomed and has developed its seed. Cherry trees are in bloom. Joggers pass on the footbridge over the swamp. On the slope a lot of pasqueflower. Goes west, more of pasqueflower. Past junipers. Pyramidal Bugle start to bloom. The sloe are white. Goes to hill in the western part. Here too pasqueflower. Goes across the stile. Wood anemone blooms there. We turn to the stile again. Down in the marsh it is yellow with Marsh-marigold. Sit dow at the junipers and drinks coffee. The sun is shining in the clear greenery. Goes to the pond. A lot of pasqueflower. A man comes walking across the field. Disappears behind the hill. We stroll around. But there he sits naked! As at our last visit. Is it a place for nudists? We go back to the parking lot.

June 4, 2019
Stop at the parking just before Torna Hällestad on the road from Dalby. An empty school bus stands there. A man also parks. "Are you going out and hiking here?" he ask. "We'll look at orchids". He talks about his childhood here. He drives again. We walk the Skåneleden, turning off west on the ridge. Walk the path to the wetland. Lots of orchids bloom there. Have not seen so many here before. Difficult to determine the different species, enough to admire them. They mix with carpets of buttercup. Go west over the stone fence, continue among orchids, jump over the small stream and go up the northern slope. To our picnic place. Here all the orchids seem to be over. Homemade rhubarb cake with vanilla sauce. Sunshine and warm.

Continue to the pond to the west. Almost completely overgrown. A frog qroaks. A few orchids. Seeds of pasqueflower. Many rose bushes. Returns to the wetland. Wonderful with all orchids. A man comes walking on the Skåneleden trail a bit away. But he is naked! He passes behind some bushes. We wait discreetly for him to pass. But he never comes. We go there. Not a trace of him. Strange. Returns to the car. A herd of cows graze on the field towards Knivsåsen. Only our car in the parking lot.

May 27, 2017
Have parked at Knivsåsen. Walked from there to Borelund. In Borelund the orchids bloom. On the north side of the wetland is the slope full with buttercups and orchids. Coffee in splendor. Empty on people. Frogs quackle in the pond. See none. Gets over the marsh. Orchids and Water Avens. A Pyramidal Bugle. Wet, jumping between tufts. The sun shine. Warm and sweaty. Sometimes comes a nice breeze. Walk Skåneleden back to the parking lot.

May 27, 2016
Sets the car at the rest area at Hällestad ridges just west of Torna Hällestad. Following Skåneleden against Knivsåsen. Roses bloom. Turn westward on the ridge overlooking the Knivsåsen.

Following the ridge. Seed heads of Pasqueflower. On a slope towards the swamp in the south is a variety of orchids. Here are early purple orchid, Western Marsh-orchid , heath spotted orchid. I have given up to recognize all variants. Spread out a blanket and enjoy the flowers and coffee.

Going over the marsh. Not very wet. Again a lot of orchids. Even avens. Going back over the marsh on a footbridge.

Following the ridge to the west of the nature reserve. There is a tall orchid that has not yet blossomed. Frogs croak. Here is a pond. Can see a tree frog, blowing out his cheeks. Sounds loudly. Meadow with buttercup.

June 17, 2012: It's the wild flowers day today. I drive to Knivsåsen - Borelund nature reserve east of Dalby. In the northern part there are marshes that can have a nice flora. I park just before Torna-Hällestad. Following Skåneleden to the stile into the reserve. Coming up on a ridge with views south towards the grasslands and Knivsåsen. On the ridge bloom hawkbits, I can not the various hawkbits, but I think it is hawkbits.

I go west towards the wetland. On the pasture grows rosehip and elderberry. In a depression  can I find orchids, can not say which, many are so similar to me. It starts to rain heavily. I have just a little umbrella with me, and it folds of rain and wind. Hasten to shelter in a beech. Enough time to be soaked anyway. It is a short burst, soon it clears up.

On the slope down towards the marsh grows a large variety of orchids. Continues on a low ridge west to the reserve's western border. Skåneleden went here before, it does not anymore, the markings are painted over. There is a marsh, it grows Ragged-Robin, a kind of thistle, Marsh Cinquefoil, and some Lesser Butterfly-orchid. Clumps of Meadow Buttercup, seed heads of something already bloomed. Have not met anyone during the entire visit, not so popular with wildflowers on their own day. Satisfied, I go over the pasture to the angle to the road that leads back to the parking lot.