Dalby stenbrott
at Knivsåsen east of Dalby, is a water-filled former quarry. Nowadays, a popular swimming lake with the possibility of high diving from the rocks for those who dare.

January 14, 2012: I drive from Dalby towards Knivsåsen. "P Nature reserve" it says on a sign. I turn into where the sign point. There is a large parking lot next to a derelict building. It's a beautiful day, Knivsåsen is a popular excursion, and there are many cars in the parking lot. I walk up on a platform that provides a view of the water-filled quarry. A few years ago fell suddenly the waterlevel, the small jetty does not reach the water. The quarry is in summer a popular swimming spot. Those who dare can at a few places jump from the high cliffs. Not me, I would sink like a stone. At the jetty is it shallower. At the path down, a sign warn for precipice and slide.

Down at the water is a large plane with a barbecue, a family has taken possession of it. Child clings to the cliffs. I walk the path that goes along the southern edge next to the road. East of the quarry is a juniper pasture. Go over a stile to the pasture. To the north is visible Knivsåsen. It has probably been an old quarry here. Going back to the quarry. A staircase descends to a ledge. Climbing down, one would probably be able to swim here. In the summer, today it's too cold. Maybe I would have need for the lifebuoy. Rocky edge and it is certainly deep. Opposite is it very steep. Goes up again.

I sit down on a bench overlooking the quarry. On the other side stands a man and looking anxiously down over the edge. I walk further along the edge, down to the northern tip, where I enters a beech forest. Continuing on the path up and along the edge. Going out on the lookout point where the man stood. There are more walkers doing the same thing. I sit down at the precipice with a cup of coffee and enjoying the moment. Looking over to ledge on the east side. You can clearly see how the water has fallen recently, a clear boundary on the rocks. What's that down there?

A wedding couples. They take their wedding photos on the rock that sticks out in front of the jetty. As the worst paparazzi photographer I'm hiding myself behind a birch tree trunk, and have a picture of them. I think it's interesting, I did not think on using the quarry for this. I got once a question of locations for a wedding photo, did not then think of Dalby quarry. Perhaps popular? Looks nice. The bride must freeze in her wedding dress. They takes off, the sun gives up for the day, and I drive home.