Pictures from Skåne - Sweden - Myrstigen

16 August 2009: I have during the past six months had problems with my back, it feels good now. I pack the backpack as for the upcoming trek in Sarek. As a test if my back is good for a hike, and I drive to Skrylle. At the visitors' center are deer, wild pig, and foxes, all artificial. Walk on on the trail Myrstigen, or Romundspåret which it is also called, to Skryllesjön. A family sits on a rock overlooking the lake. Go down the wooden staircase to Måryds fälad. Between junipers grow blackberries, some are mature. I take one, delicious. A bumpy path take me between the junipers. A wooden bridge over a brook. Two women pass by with a basket. I leave fäladen, passing a small pond, and up to the view of Måkullsbacken. Down to Boijsens ponds with their red water lilies. A man lies on his stomach and fishing for something in the water. Sit a while by the pond. Then uphill through deciduous forest. This used to be spruce, as what I remember, blew away in a storm. Then there were fine anthills that are now gone. Perhaps the reason for the name change from Myrstigen (ant path) to Romundspåret. I'm sweating in the uphill slope of the rocky path, not accustomed to carry heavy backpacks. Continue out on the slope towards Skryllesjön, as workout I go down and up. At the top is a nice view towards north. Continues on the path to shelters. Back to Skryllegården, where I have coffee and a cake. My back feels fine, but more tests are needed before I feel safe with it.