Boijsen's dammar
five ponds, four former fish ponds and one natural, in the northern part of Skrylle area. In two grow red water lilies

September 6, 2020:
Many cars in the parking lot, almost full. People are sitting in the sunshine on the grass nextby. Walks the path past the fine stone. Depart for the first dam. Shimmering green reflections. A slightly decayed footbridge over the outflow. Follows the dam until the brook in from Måryd's field. The path is not so visible anymore. Above the inflow is a footbridge. Returns and walks on the south side of dam number two. Along the eastern side of the dam is a proper gravel walkway and a bridge over the outflow have been made. The path along the stream down to pond three is not visible in the forest, so we follow the path south through the forest. It connects to a path that we turn off to the east on. Arrive at a twisted beech , from there down to pond 3. Here families with children sit and grill. Goes down the creek to pond 4. Does not see much there. Goes up and over to the north side. Pond 4 is located a bit down in the forest. Hoped to see the red water lilies bloom. Only a few can be seen. Takes the path further to the height in the north. Goes into the grove with a view towards the pond. Sitting on a cliff with coffee. At the cliff is a blackberry bush, nothing ripe. Continues over Måkullen, nice view to the north. The fifth pond, a frog pond, is barely visible behind reeds. Goes for a short walk out on Måryd's field, where the inflow to the dam meanders forward. Many who spread a blanket with coffee. We enjoyed our coffee. Drive home.

August 10, 2011:
On the road between Södra Sandby and Torna Hällestad, go right after Södra Sandby a road to the parking lot of the nature reserve Måryd. From the car park is a trail into the woods. Meet a man with a daughter and two adorable puppies. Can not help but have to say hello to the puppies. Here are four former fish ponds, Boijsen's dammar landscaped 1934.There is also a small, perhaps a natural body of water, north of the trail. In a birdhouse have some insects, resemble overgrown wasps, moved into. The fish ponds are located south of the trail. They are in terraces from west to east. The first pond is not as well attended, lies hidden behind the bushes. Between that and second pond runs a narrow strip with a path on. I leave the first pond and go to the eastern side of the pond two. Small bridges are over the outflow from the ponds. The third pond is the most visited. This is where families come and nets. In the pond red water lily bloom. There are picnic tables and barbecue place. In a field adjacent to it grow blackberry. At the outflow to the fourth pond is also a barbecue area. Going over a cattle-grid and follow the fence of the fourth pond. In the pond is a large amount of red water lilies. At the end of the pond is in a stile. The outflow disappears eastward among the fields. The east side is inaccessible so I return to the third pond and have coffee. This is one of my everyday favorite places, have been here many times.

Then choose to take the path through the woods on the south side, not nearly as good as the path on the north side. Wet and muddy. The trail follows the creek between the ponds. At the bridge crossing the inflow to the first pond. The inflow to the ponds is from Måryd's pasture, a beautiful juniper pasture. Go on a grid in there. A family with children are out walking. Lie down on the grass and look up at the clouds that glide forward. Does it not look like the Crab Nebula? 1054 described the Chinese a star which was visible at day time. A supernova whose remains today can be seen as the Crab Nebula. The last month I have had a lot of additional heartbeats, so annoying, now it calm down for a while. Nature is sometimes the best medicine. I remain a little longer.