is a nature reserve between Lund and Södra Sandby. Within the area is a golf course, rich flora and ancient places.

Kungsmarken is a nature reserve between Lund and Södra Sandby. Within the area is a golf course, one needs to be careful during a visit. Follow the marked foot-path, which will bring you to the interesting places.

May 29, 2014 (published 23/8 2015)
The path goes around the golf course. The meadows are probably blossoms. Starting on the west side. Arnica or Viper's grass? Ragged-Robin, Globeflower and golfers can be recognized. Yellow meadows of buttercups. Red Campion is red. Out in Glomsjön is yellow waterlily. A not yet flowering Greater Butterfly-orchid. By a dark grove. The meadow up to the ancient castle flowers. In the basin to the east side blossom trees, supposedly crab apple. Sheep rest under a tree.

Spread out the blanket under a flowering tree. Nice place. Gallop gallop gallop. Horses going at full speed. "What do you do?". Nose down in the backpack. The food is not enough for everyone. Put things together and moving on.

Moving on to the east of the golf course. Here are blooming orchids. Some gymnastic exercises needed to climb over stiles. In the east spreads the grasslands themselves out. Lunch at the flourishing meadow. A nearly flowering Greater Butterfly-orchid. Golfer swinging the club. Globeflower is better to look at. A lot Milkwort.

"Hello Hello!" A man waving wildly. The path crosses a tee. Did not notice it. Hurries over.

29 May 2010: on the golf course and nature reserve Kungsmarken between Lund and Södra Sandby. No time to bike there so I have to take the car. Parts of the golf course is closed for the walk, so you can feel safe. Guide is Lennart Engstrand, retired director of the Lund Botanical Gardens and often expert in the radio's Nature Morning. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and educational. It is a little over twenty people and some dogs who gather at the clubhouse. We learn about alder and grey alder, the latter does not occur in southern Sweden, but here it is. One of the dogs eagerly browse the vegetation. We go out in the meadows. A great deal of cowslip, those I have a lot of in the lawn at home. Butter flowers of different varieties. Globeflower, my favorite from the mountains. Ribwort Plantain. Lady's Mantle. Bugle, I have never seen before. Some already know everything, I feel stupid. Members from the golf club helps. On the club's website, http://www.lagk.se/, are the description and pictures of what is available. A stock with Early Purple Orchid. Something like strawberry, probably Hautbois, relics from the 1700s when it was grown here. There is also an old fruit trees. Viper's grass, I did not know, the same with the little blue milkwort. The rare green-winged orchid, of course, I have never seen it before. Many cameras take pictures of it. Lungwort. The guide tells so much, I can not remember everything. Returning home I put my nose in my lilac. It is nice also. It is a wonderful time. Looking forward to next year's walk, then I have forgot everything and it's like new again.

14 Dec 2008: I drive to Kungsmarken golf course in the morning. I've been here before, but missed some attractions. It's nice weather but there are not many who are out there and play golf. I walk on the foot-path. At the southeastern part of Glomsjön are furrows, which are interpreted as hollow roads, they go on the slope down toward Glomsbäcken where there was a ford. There are also remnants of an earth embankment. During 1914-1925 was Kungsmarken a military drill field. From that time, there is a shooting range at the output of hole 1, and west of the lake is a marker-pit with a memorial stone. I cross the ancient castle and walk down in the depression north of Glomsjön where there has been a mill. Today, there are sheeps. When they see that I will come do they rush to me. They push to get as close to me as possible. I am totally surrounded, I feel very welcome. Sheeps are wonderful. We stand so and talk for a good while. I then round hole 14. A string of stones is running across the surface, perhaps remnants of a fence. I walk out in the horse pasture ,Hästhagen, to look for rock formations that may be graves from the stone age. I find something you might interpret as rock formations. It blows a cool breeze, I go to the restaurant where they set up for Christmas food. It looks good but I want coffee and a mazarin.

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