lake with abundant bird life twenty kilometers east of Lund. Bird towers at Silvåkra and Stensoffa. At Silvåkratower is a footbridge to a hide in the reeds. Skåneleden have a shelter at Silvåkratower.

February 16, 2014: Krankesjön around 10 km.
Krankesjön is a well known bird lake. Long before the lake, already outside Lund, are buzzards and kites seen. Park at the bird tower at Silvåkra. Go south on what was embankment between Torna Hällestad and Harlösa. Markings indicate Krankesjön around, but they should not be followed for a hike around the lake. You should also make it a day when the military do not practice. Looks for a path at a hill and a clearcut. Find none, wait and passes Silvåkra station. More kites over the fields. Take to the right where the embankment, which is also Skåneleden, passing a gravel road. Then immediately right onto a dirt road, between some houses, "Båtvägen".

Meets a couple with dog. Ask them for the path to the bird watching tower Almen Tower. Following Båtvägendon one come to the lake, but there are barriers with windfallen trees. Instead left at the intersection after a crest, following the edge of a meadow, to the left at the corner of it. The trail continues through the spruce forest, some trees have fallen on the path. At the edge of a clearcut, on the slope is the farm Silvåkragården, looks fine. True mansion. On a rutted forest road through sparse forest of birch to the road and meadows at Almen Tower. A stile leads onto the meadows. What kind of a device is that? A troughs with pump? The cow puffs on the pump and then a flow of water? Almen tower is located at the edge of a grove of trees. Goes up and scan over the lake. There are already more watchers. A bird looks for fish.

Continue on the forest road, much forest has fallen since I was last here. Take a short cut on a grass road through scrubby swamp forest, out on the gravel road to the meadows at the western end of the lake. The meadows were cleared as a 50-year gift to the king. Today is a kite, some swans and ducks. Having lunch at the tables with pine shrubbery as a poor protection against a chilly wind. A tower stands among the bushes "intended solely for hunting." Not for bird watching then.

Moving on to a tracked vehicle road along the lake. To the north lies Revinge mill. Cruising among the bands of caterpillar tracks and water to the mill. Dutch built in the 1850s. Has been renovated a few years ago. Returning across the fields where the band wagon crawlers have made their mark. This is the training ground for armored regiment in Revinge. Walking across the bridge over Ålabäcken, which drains the lake to Kävlingeån. The bridge can withstand 30 tons, feels safe to pass. In the field, stands a lonely colorful trees.

At the outflow is a mooring. Chilly winds stir up the lake. Slush sloshing against the shore. A grass road goes along the tree curtain that hides the lake. Where there is a road down to an opening to the lake is crossed do one traine dogs. The road continues past Lotta farm. Then follows a short distance on a dirt road, before going down to a boat dock with benches and tables. Then a path through the forest, bordered by hazel catkins and hop cones. Coming up to the ramp to the Ekobas Krankesjön with its hide. Goes out to hide, the birds have winter holiday. Adjacent to the ramp is Skåneleden shelters. Recently, someone had a fire in the fireplace. The round is closed. Coffee and cake before departure.

19 November 2012: Silvåkratornet.
A beautiful Monday, plus I have a day off. Take my 500 mm zoom and drive to Vomb meadows. The fauna today consists of the cows that walk freely in the fields and roads adjacent to the meadows. At the bird tower sits a man and eat lunch, I make him the company with my lunch. A friendly chat. No birds are visible, therefore continue on to Silvåkratornet at Krankesjön. Just north of the village Silvåkra, is the gravel road to the parking lot at the tower. Out in the water is a large amount of geese.

I go out to the hide north of the tower. In the lake are coots swimming. Nothing bad about coots, I like them, but I hope for something more spectacular. Sometimes there are comorants in the bushes in the lake, today they are empty. Over the reeds in the southern edge dance a few elves. The sun descends toward the horizon, there is a terrible noise from the geese. All at a time do they lift and disappear to the south. The lake is now deserted and silent. The sun will disappear, and I disappear homeward.

14 Jun 2009: Silvåkra.
Just north of Silvåkra at eastern Krankesjön is a sign: Fågeltorn (Bird tower). A gravel road goes down to a parking lot. The bird tower is located among the trees at the lake. I walk up the tower, where two men with spotting scopes is already in place. There is reed far into the lake. Northward can I see a hide. It is blowing strongly, there is not much that is out there and fly. Goes down again and off to the Skåne trail shelter. In the glade is a shelter with a fire place. Out to the hide is a footbridge through the reeds. On the footbridge are men with spotting scopes and cameras with large lenses pointing at a bird of prey. It rattles when the cameras are rapidly taking dozens of pictures. Someone will probably be good. Enters the hide, perhaps a bird is close enough for my camera. No one. Continue north on the trail through the forest, through a birch forest, pass a small harbour. I come out on a gravel road. Yellow Irises bloom. A vineyard snail is crossing the road. Slowly, I take some pictures. Someone will probably be good. Time to go back home. A man stands patiently with the camera towards a Redstart nest.

10 Apr 2009: Stensoffa.
Drive to Stensoff at the southern Krankesjön. Sets the car on the ground opposite to the road down to the ecological station. Walk on the field down to the Stensoffa ecological station. There is also a car park at the station, a narrow gravel road is leading to the station. I follow the signs pointing to the bird-watching tower Almen. It is an easy walk on forest tracks past a bitwise dense young forest. The tower is located at the edge of a field. There are already some people. I lift the binoculars and think I see greylags, swans, a coot, and boats. The other leaves the tower, they seem disappointed. I also go down, more people arrive with large binoculars over their shoulder. I follow the signs 'K-Sea around' in a grass road. Coming out on gravel road to the meadows at the western part of the lake. I come to a place with a wooden table and bench. I look through the binoculars towards the meadows and lake. Greylags. Behind me is an area marked 'ancient monument'. This is a military exercise field, the ancient monument is probably weared. Guessing it is a Neolithic settlement, but it shows nothing. Nearby is a small pond. I ask a man walking with fa ishing rod and a dog what it is. 'Fish Pond'. 'That little pond!?'. 'It is said that there are fish in it, but I have never had any'. Of the ancient monument he knows nothing. Here is also a parking lot. I walk on the gravel road back to Stensoffa and the car.

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