an easygoing coastal walk north from Barsebäckshamn, past and to the 18th century defense construction Stenbocksvallar.

September 25, 2011: In Loddeköpinge I buy in Conditori Nybakat a cake for the coffee. Continue to Barsebäckshamn. Sets the car in the parking lot at beginning of the the village. Walk down the street to the harbor. From the port goes a two kilometers coast walk north to Barsebäcksstrand. At the beginning on a dirt road. Out in the water, a pair of swans pass by. Leaving the road to a grassy path. It is beautiful weather, and there are many who are out walking. At the shore sits seabirds. To the north is the precipice before Barsebäcksstrand visible. Towards land is a meadow. Inside are the remains of the defense system Stenbokcsvallar, built in the 1710s as a defense against invasion from the Danes. In the meadow is a low embankment. In the embankment are fortresses from the World War II Per-Albin defence line. Behind the wall is a redoubt, place for artelleri. A flock of birds is flying by. The first time I walked this path was it wet and slightly inaccessible through a reed belt. Today the path is cleared and boarded. Just before Tegelvik is a stile into the meadow.

I walk into the meadow. In the northeast corner are three small mounds. Towards the sea, I look out over the remains of the ramparts and redoubt. Inland lies the closed nuclear power plant as a contemporary monument. Go down to the trail again. A couple are seated on a bench and enjoying the weather and scenery. The path takes me to Tegelvik. Here the artist Christina Mårtensson has the studio Tegelvik. Beautifully situated at Öresund. You can walk along the beach, it is a bit rocky, and it is easier to follow the path. The path pass the houses, and I arrive at Stenbocksvallar, if one continues then one come to the beach Barsebäcksstrand. But I return back, it was not long ago I was there.

Back in the harbor I go out on the pier. There are a few brave ones who take an autumn dip. In the basin people maintain their boats. The restaurant Hamnkrogen has just closed (16.00), have to visit it at an another time.

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