Grevlunda gravfält
'grove at the graves' at Vitaby is a graveyard from the first millennium after Christ. A ship setting, a stone circle, six standing stones.

September 14, 2013
South of Vitaby is a road towards Onslunda. I've parked at the ruined castle hill Vallabacken. At the house at the junction load a couple a roller on a trailer. A bit too heavy for her. With her and me on one side and he on the other, we are strong enough. I learn that the burial ground is located in a field along the gravel road next to that goes to Grevlunda mill. I trudge on the dirt road up the hill.

It's not far to the stile that goes into the paddock. The burial ground consist of a ship setting, a stone circle, and six standing stones, according to the information plate. It will not be easy to find, the grass is high. Straight ahead from the stile, I can discern a weak trampled grass. It's probably others who have been here. I follow the tracks. Coming up to a ring of stones, must be the stone circle. A short distance away, I see a standing stone, next to lie several blocks. Up the slope I find the ship setting, with low lump rocks as ship's edge. They are barely visible in the tall grass. I go to the corner of the paddock. They have chosen a burial place with a view, as they often did. I admire it as well.

When I go down the road again, I keep an eye open for a path into the woods. There seems to be a hint of trail. Follow it and come to what I believe is the money well. Well wall is clad with brick. Unfortunately I know nothing about the well, it is exposed as an ancient monument on swedish national heritage board search page.

Driving home past FĂ„geltofta church to Skåne Tranås. Park on the square and take an afternoon coffee at Café Ida. It is almost full. Take "Shortcut Offer": coffee with apple pie. Talking to the couple at the next table. It's "Shortcut Österlen" today with an open house along the road between Skåne Tranås and Gärsnäs. Goes to Österlen Chocolate , but closed for holiday today. Strange. Drive home.