at Vitabys southern entrance is a circular stone clad ruin mound after a castle probably built during 110- or 1200's.

September 14, 2013
Drive the road from Sankt Olof. Just before Vitaby, following the road towards Onslunda, is Vallabacken located on your right. A small road is going in there, it goes further to a beautiful stone house. Vallabacken is a circular castle ruins of a medieval castle. Of the castle remains a circular hill with the sides built of rocks. At the hill is a place to turn around and a place to put the car on. The side towards the house has no visible vertical stone wall, so therefore you can easily get up on top of the hill.

The top is a grassy plateau, decorated with bluebells. Towards the road is an indentation in the hill. The part towards the forest next to it is lumpy, the grass is wet with dew, I get wet feet when I walk down the slope. Studying the stone wall. On an information sign I can read about how the castle looked like.

The wall was then lowest part, on top was a wall which enclosed a courtyard with a stone house. The castle was in a marsh land, with dams in the creek next to it could one vary the water level around the castle. The hill is built, a so-called motte, the only known in Sweden.

At the hill is a table with benches, where I take my lunch. From the house is a tractor with a mower on a trailer. The driver wave in greeting, wave back. Nice. Across the road is a cow pasture. Somewhere beyond, on the slope is a burial ground Grevlunda burial ground. I'm going to seek it.