Harlösa kyrka
from the 12th century, rebuilt several times. Baptismal font from the 12th century by Mårten Stone Master. Pulpit of the 17-century wood carver Jacob Kremberg.

July 21, 2012: Parks at the viewing platform Bligehöj, from where one has a sweeping view of Vomb valley. For a few weeks in the summer (July 4-August 2) is in the church an exhibition of artists in the ARNA project. Artists from around the world have a brief stay in the bird kingdom "Fågelriket", a meeting place of culture and nature. Fågelriket with the lakes Vombsjön and Krankesjön. The church features works of selected artists. A nice initiative. Feels strange to see modern nature art from old plaques of the families linked to Hjularöd manor seat a few kilometers away. The church is built in the late 1100's, with construction and remodeling in 17 - and 1800's. The baptisimal font is from the 1100's and probably made by Marten Stone Master. The pulpit was made in 1641 by the famous wood-carver Jakob Kremberg, and painted 17 years later. The modern staircase to the pulpit does not fit in style and time. More of Krembergs works can be seen in Gårdstånga Church ten kiolometers west. The front rows have their old gables.

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