Fulltofta kyrka
built in the 12th century. Ceiling paintings from the 15th century. Painted window with scenes from the life of St. Magnhild.

April 20, 2013: Opposite Fulltofta castle is a gravel road down to Ringsjön. "P church" it says. I drive in and park. The church is beautifully situated with fine stone building nearby. The church was built in the 12th century. The apse is decorated with sandstone ornaments. Gradually it has been rebuilt, the porch in the late Middle Ages, on the tower is it written 1809.

The church is interesting from several points of view, one is that it is open during the day, but above all of that when you enter you can see the colorful ceiling paintings. The paintings cover the four arches of the nave, depicting the church's message: Paradise and the fall, the resistance to Christianity, the birth of Jesus, our ultimate alternatives heaven or hell. In the chancel arch are the apostles depicted. The paintings were made in 15th century, were whitewashed over, and developed again.

The baptismal font is from the early Church, the altar from the 17th century. Several epitaphs from the 17th century are hanging on the walls. Both from the Danish and the Swedish time. In the porch is a beautiful headstone. On the south side of the church, near the pulpit, is a painted window; St. Magnhild window painted in 1936. Four fields with episodes from the local Skåne saint St. Magnhild life. She was worshiped at the 13th and 14th centuries. She took care of the poor and sick. For unknown reasons, she was murdered by her daughter in law 1215. A window shows how she is hit by an arrow. In Fulltofta hiking area, a few kilometers east of the church, is a well called "St. Magnhilds well."

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Source: Fulltofta church, Bernt Larsson. Can be purchased in the church.