S:ta Magnhilds källa
Magnhild is a local Skåne saint, she was killed by her daughter in law 1215. In Fulltofta is a well that ran up on the spot where the carriers put down her coffin to rest.

April 14, 2013: I park at Hästhagen in Fulltofta hiking area. Here are toilets, picnic tables and signs telling about the trees. I walk a short distance on the road, up to the gravel road that leads to Fulltofta nature center. At the crossroad, opposite the gravel road, is a well of remarkable creation. Magnhild was a wise and well-liked woman who helped the poor and sick. This was around the year 1200. For some unknown reason she was murdered in 1215 by her daughter in law. According to the legend with an arrow. When the coffin with her remains were transferred to Fulltofta church for the funeral,the bearers put down the coffin to rest, another version is that they dropped the coffin. There, where the coffin was in contact with the ground, a well ran out. Magnhild became a local Skåne saint, St. Magnhild.

The well is still here today, in front of my feet, with cobbled edges. It is right next to the road, at the edge of a deciduous forest. The water from the well winds on the ground away into the woods.

At the well is a memorial stone, whose inscription tells of Saint Magnhilds fate. In Fulltofta church, e few kilometers to the west, is on the south side next to the pulpit a beautiful stained-glass window with designs on the life of Magnhild. One of the windows shows how she is killed by an arrow.

I leave Magnhild and walks past an ancient grave field on the way to Fulltofta nature center.


The pictures are from two different times 14 (well) and 20 (stone and church) April 2013.