Hyby gamla kyrka
built in the late 1100s. Ceiling paintings made in the 1400s by Harrie master.

February 28, 2016
Have eaten Sunday breakfast at Vismarlövs cafe. Is heading to Torup Castle. Stops at the Hyby old church. Built in the late 1100s. 1873 lightning struck the church spire and the church caught fire. They managed to save the choir.

Cars standing in the parking lot. It will be morning service. Talking with the priest. It is time to look around and take pictures before it starts.

It is mainly the ceiling paintings that are of interest. Made in the 1400s by somebody called Harrie Master. The paintings depict the suffering of Jesus on Calvary, Apostles, devils, and the last judgment. The church's patron saint St. Nicholas is also depicted.

The decades around 1900 it worked as the choir chapel of the family Trolle on Klågerup Castle. Their family symbol, a headless troll, is on the church's gable above the entrance. The coffins are located below the floor, coffin plates are mounted on the wall.

Are invited to stay in the service. Escapes. In the cemetery are old tombstones. Snowdrops bloom. New church tower is seen between the trees.