just east of Hofterups church is a stone chamber tomb from the Neolithic period.

February 3, 2013: I park at Hofterups church. I'm not sure it is possible to park at the cairn. So I walk the dirt road there, it is not so far about one kilometer. The dolmen is clearly visible, surrounded by arable land. It is near the road where there is a grassy area where it's probably possible to park. Towards the the road is a wooden barrier, which can be lifted off, and a stile. A sign is trying to tell about the place. As is often the case with these signs has the weather made it unreadable. The dolmen, which is a tomb from the Neolithic period, is in spite of its small scale impressive. Four standing stones, opening to the south, supports a one meter thick roof block. The tomb was originally covered by a mound of earth. To the surrounding farmland is a fence.

The roof block must according to my eye measurement to be about two cubicmeter of stone, assuming granite with density 2.7 kg/dm3, it becomes more than a five tonne boulder which is placed up there. On the top of it, there should be carvings. The rocks are slippery with frost, so I do not dare climb up to look after. The roof block also looks out to rest loosely on the side stones, but it is probably an illusion.

The dolmen is on a flat elevation, with views in all directions. To the west is visible Hofterup church. Also I appear therefore widely. A bit west is a pond with protective shrubbery, I go there to do what is necessary. The crop is patiently waiting for spring. It takes a while, the ground is frozen and the cold lingers.

I'm leaving. On the way home, I stop at the Little Blue bakery and café in the Blue House in Löddeköpinge and buy some cookies to have together with coffee at home.