is a well-preserved Neolithic passage grave along the road between Löddeköpinge and Barsebäckshamn.

November 8, 2014
Where the road between Löddeköpinge and Barsebäckshamn reaches a crest is a dirt road south. A pretzel indicates that there is an attraction. The attraction is a passage grave from about 3300 BC. One of the best preserved in Skåne and recently restored, and you are welcome to crawl into the burial chamber. Drive onto the road and park beside the grave. Into the burial chamber is a six meter long tunnel. Stones support a roof made of boulders. Over passage grave is earth and grass, at a distance it looks like a low hill.

From the top is a sweeping view over the landscape with the Öresund to the west. It is possible to crouching move through tunnel into the chamber. A flashlight is recommended. The burial chamber is high enough to stand upright. Three roofblocks rests on twelve wall rocks. One of the roof blocks is said to weigh 15 tons. Impressive stone blocks. The burial chamber is empty, but it's still an exciting excursion. More visitors arrive, have not seen any visitors during my visits before the restoration. Many who has read about the restoration in the newspaper. Mosquitoes and spiders have found their place here. A poor plant has probably got here by mistake. No lights here so it is white. Not more than five people and no fire in there it says on the sign outside the entrance. Yet there are remnants of candle wax on a stone.

Leaving the tomb and drive to Big Stone Beach north of Barsebäckshamn for picnic.