Flackarp 12th century church south of Lund was demolished in 1865. Today there is a belfry with the church bell, a wooden cross, a memorial grove and some old tombstones.

January 22, 2021
Park by the wall outside the belfry. A wreath hangs on the gate. It all looks the same as the last visit. In the wall by the gate is still a remnant of the church or is it a piece of a tombstone? Take a closer look at the old tombstones. Some are illegible. Several are weathered. Some are lying down. In a few, the text is clearly visible, i.a. after churchwardens. Some were born in the late 18th century. There is a landscape that looks ornate. We do not find the bowl pits this time. Cold, drive home.

1/1 2009: It is beautiful weather and zero degrees. I need to get some exercise and bicycle down through the city to Flackarps old cemetary south of Lund. I have to bike a bit on the road 108 to get to the one way street leading to the cemetary. I think one should make a cycle path over Höje river or something. But the cemetery is in Staffanstorp municipality and they are perhaps not so interested in a relationship here with Lund. The cemetery is located at a farm, the rest of the surrounding is farmland. At the cemetery is a bell tower. I leave my bicycle at the P-sign of the car park. There is no information sign which tells the history of the cemetary, a memorial stone says here was during 700 years a church that were demolished in 1865, and that many generations rests on the cemetary. The old church bell hang in the belfry built 1953. There are some old tombstones, many from the 18th century. In the wall around the place are stones from the church. In the eastern corner is a stone with cup-marks, with a little imagination I think I can see them. There is a memorial place where a grave light is lit, I stand for a moment and consider the fate of body, life, and the universe itself. A cat comes walking. When it see me it stop, turn, and run into the stable. I take my bike and return home, it is a tough uphill throughout Lund. At Höje river I decide that here I will make an excursion along the river and between the sewage treatment ponds later during the spring. Back home I warm me with coffee, brandy, chocolate, and a good book.

GPS: WGS84 decimal (lat, lon) 55.690546, 13.159207