Falsterbo strand
walking on the beach between a medieval castle ruin and a bird sanctuary.

January 31, 2016
It has been windy recetly. Perhaps amber washed up on the beach. Park at the former firing range. Signs warning of unexploded ammunition. A sign informs about life on the sand dunes. Walking across the sand dunes to the sea.

It is low water. Blowing fresh wind. Going along the water to the east. Searching amber. Beachcombing has been mounted where the bird sanctuary begins. Return back at the lagoon. A runner on its way to the other side. Will probably be wet feet.

Nice weather, threatening clouds on the edges. Go west. Many are out walking. Cabanas waiting for bathers. At the former hotel Falsterbohus is ruins of the medieval castle Falsterbohus. Adjacent cover ivy hedge, trees and sheds.

Take lunch in the shelter on the beach. Horses galloping. Some light rain splash. Pawing among seashells and seaweed. No amber.

Ljunghusens strandbad