Ljunghusens strandbad
eastern part of the Falsterbo peninsula south shore. Sandy beaches and dunes. The eastern part is popular for swimming and recreation. To the west is a lagoon and sandbanks system.

November 20, 2020
Trying to pay for parking. Gets back that it does not work. Fee only in summer. I knew that, but it just went off my mind. At the edge of the canal is a small house, a sauna perhaps. Goes down to the beach. Lots of seaweed and a cold wind. There are only us and a few who are out with the dog on the beach. We are looking for amber, have been blowing some lately. Stops and talks to some dog owners. We do not find any amber. Searching among seaweed and seashells. Small pieces of brown glass, seashells and stones sometimes confuse. A gull has found a plaice-like fish, seems to have trouble swallowing it. We spend our coffee in the shelter behind a dune. Then we return.

October 25, 2015
Drive over the Falsterbo canal from Höllviken. Take a left onto the road along the canal to the parking lot at the bath. Bath houses are deserted and locked. Bath at the pier is deserted. The beach is deserted except for a few walkers.

It is low tide. Sand undulates are bared. The bridg benches sunning themselves. Go west. Clunk! Inland is a golf course. Pawing the seaweed and seashells. Looking for amber. Where? Hmmm. Maybe. Wind and water creates beautiful patterns in the sand.

Crossing the border to a bird sanctuary. "No Entry 1 April to 15 July." Have headwind. Sitting down in the shelter behind a Sandvall. Eat blackberry pie. The sun warms. Dark clouds hurry past. Behind the sand embankment is a lagoon.

Going further west on the beach. Coming to free water into the lagoon. It is low tide. With boots goes a pass to the sandbank on the other side. Many swans. Do return.

Dark clouds. Light rain passes quickly past. The sun returns. Go out on a sandbank. Back at the channel mouth. No amber in sight.

Drive to Kämpinge. A short search for amber. Nothing in sight. Strong wind. Windsurfer enjoy.

August 24, 2014
Drive down to the sea on the road west of the drawbridge over Falsterbo canal. At the end of the road is a parking. The canal is a pirate boat moored.

Walk between the trees and bathing cubicle to the beach. Smells like rotten seaweed. Look around and searching for amber. Do find a rather large.

Go to the pier at the channel. Sunshine. A platform and stairs attracts to bath. Yesterday 17 degrees in the water, written on a sign. Is also a handicap accessible beach.