Castle ruin in Falsterbo. Glory were in the 1300s. Here Queen Margaret received envoys from other countries. Her son Olof died here 1387. Demolished1596.

December 22, 2013
By bus to Falsterbo. Get off at Norra Vånggatan. Goes to the ruin of Falsterbohus. A narrow road, there is no direct parking, a boom is blocking the entrance to the ruins. As so many other Scanian medieval castles is not much left. It was built probably in the 1200s. It was first mentioned in 1311 when it was destroyed by hanseaterna. Rebuilt, and destroyed again. This time the Swedish forces. The fort was rebuilt again. Increased in importance when the fish market shifted from Skanör to Falsterbo and the sheriff at Skanörs castle moved to the better consolidated Falsterbohus. Queen Margaret had the reception of foreign ambassadors. Her son Olof died here in 1387 17 years old. The market declined in importance, the sheriff moved to Malmö. In the end it was not needed anymore and was demolished 1596. Stones used to Västra Ingelheim church. This can be read on the data plate.

The castle was surrounded by an outer and an inner moat. Traces remain of both, a wooden bridge goes over the inner. The outer is only visible at the south and east. A wall is enveloping the core and a building. The wall is now som decimeter high, on top is growing soft moss. I peer down into the tower over the meter high foundation remaining. A wooden staircase leads over the wall. It is slippery, I fall nearly down in the tower. Not so much, but still. I study the stone walls a little closer. The top surface is protected by a layer of concrete. In a corner on the outside is a memorial sign over Margaret's son Olaf. A row of stones shows where the house stood, it may be the origin stones?

I walk around the ruins outside the wall, then goes around the inner and outer moat. In the south is a bulge, on the other side of the moat lies stones. In the moat is growing reed, the exterior also has some water in it. To the east of the ruin is Falsterbohus of younger date, built in the early 1900s as the casino and beach hotels. Now luxury condominiums. Beatles Paul and George stayed for one night in October 1967 to meditate with the Maharishi Mahesh. It was chaos with the press and fans.

Leaving the ruins and go to the sea. Cabanas are on the line, locked and deserted this time of year. The wind whistling over the beach. Far away strolling some people. The toilets are locked. The sun begins to show itself above sea level, it is going down. Goes to the Café Kust on Main Street for a coffee before the bus comes. It is crowded and full of people. Is a vacant seat at a table. Cappuccino and a brownie, good but expensive. 48 SEK for the brownie. Winter darkness arrive and I take the bus home.