Bolmers högar
two burial mounds from the Bronze Age (ca. 1800-1300 BC) near the road east of Vellinge past Mellan-Grevie. Located on a slight elevation, from the mounds is a sweeping view of Söderslätt.

September 1, 2013
Along the way east from Vellinge, just after the turnoff to Mellan-Grevie, on the south side are some Bronze Age burial mounds, Bolmers högar. There is no sign, but they can not be missed. There is a parking slot at the two mounds, from where a path leads up to the piles. Otherwise they are surrounded by farmland. They are signposted. The top of the piles offers a magnificient 360 degree view. You should be able see twenty churches, Mellan-Grevie, Fuglie , Östra Grevie , .... I can not see twenty. Öresund Bridge and the Turning Torso. Binoculars recommended.

On both piles are hollows, probably they have been looted during the centuries that has passed. The hollows provide good shelter a day like this when the wind howls. They are part of a larger burial ground, with what I believe a total of 12 mounds. Steglarps burial grounds, which in Nordic is one of the largest Bronze grave fields. Just to the west is a small burial mound, seeing one further east. To the south are several burial mounds, they are best seen from a narrow dirt road that runs between the fields.

Drive to Hallongården ("Raspberry farm")in Bodarp for raspberrie pie and coffe.