Stjärneholm ruined castle
Located just west of Skurup. The castle was probably built in the 1550s, and was demolished in the early 1600s. The ruins are surrounded by an earth embankment and a moat. Of the castle remains only a few stone walls.

May 11, 2019
At last year's brief visit to the castle ruin, saw that there were overbloomed cowslips. They should bloom now. Drive towards Skurup, take off at the sign "Stjärneholms borgruin". Park in the parking lot by the farm. Lush around the path. On the slope towards the fields at the moat, lots of cowslips bloom. Also on the embankment itself. A few orchids. Crossing the bridge. A red campion. Along the path up to the plateau with the beautiful trees are more cowslips. They are many on the plateau. There are also many orchids, mainly the early-purple Orchid. It's wonderful. Did not know that there are orchids here. A duck pair in the moat. The remains of the castle walls are hidden by greenery. But today it was the flora that was worth a visit.

June 18, 2017
Perhaps the Rampion Bellflower flowers at the castle ruins? Parking in the car park at the farm. Luminous around the path. In the moat there is a duckweed. Even yellow water lily. Some mosquitoes. In the castle blooms Hedge Woundwort and Wild Liquorice. Wild Strawberry tastes good. The ruin is hidden from greenery. Better visit at different seasons, see below. Walk on the embankment outside the moat. A Scabious is visited by a bumblebee. But no Rampion Bellflower. Still too early. Leaves the castle. Two men come to fish in the moat.

Drive Svaneholm castle. There is no restaurant any longer but a simple coffee with cake can one get in the museum.

January 3, 2016
West of Skurup are the ruins of a castle from the 1500s. Leave the E65 south on a narrow road, a sign marking the way. Park at a farm, then follow a path a few hundred meters. It's cold, by a brook, the ice created beautiful patterns.

There is the ruin, surrounded by a water-filled moat. A wooden bridge leads over to the ruin. There is not much left. Meter high stone walls. In the north there are the remains of a main building with wings. The castle was built in the 1550s, more like a mansion than a castle. The castle was demolished around 1620.

Roam around the inside and outside walls. Something overgrown outside. On the moat ice begins to fold. Crack! What? A deer runs almost through the ice. A herd rushes over the wetland in the north. The crunching of ice is heard when they jumps. They survive in the forest.

At the last visit, it was summer and lush. The next visit will be when Campanula Rapunculus bloom here. Today a chilly winter wind. Drive home to the warmth.

Stjärneholm ruined castle is situated west of Skurup. A gravel road pass the ruin, where there is a parking place. A path lead along a field from the parking place to the ruin. The ruin is surrounded of a bank and moat. The castle was probably built around 1550 and demolished beginning of the 17th century. A foot bridge is over the moat. Only minor stone walls remain of the castle. During spring flower orchids and cowslips. My visit was too late and high grass dominated.