is a rock carving in a meadow between Simrishamn and Brantevik. Ships, people with axes, horses, wheel crosses and cup marks on a stone slab.

February 16, 2019
This time of the year there should be no cows on the fields. At the last visit, the path was blocked by some forty cows and suspected bull. We turned around. Then we were here to study the rock carvings on Yxornas häll. The rock carving Stenkilsristningen had to wait. Today we give it another try.

Sets the car at the parking lot opposite Yxornas häll, the rock carving along the road between Simrishamn and Brantevik. From Yxornas häll is a marked path to the stone with the rock carvings. At the beginning of the path is a box with an information sheet with map and information. Through a fence, lifts of the electric wire. Pennants show the way. Winter Aconite and snowdrop bloom. No cows. At a slope a nice view towards the sea. Turns between fields and farm. The rock can be seen at a distance. Behind are wind turbines. Blowing pretty well. Lifting an electric fence to enter the rock.

The rock is cleaned from moss and lichen. Here are many carvings. Some are difficult to see, others are clear. Ships (some richly ornamented), people with axes, horses, wheel crosses and cup marks. We find several of them. You have to look in different directions depending on how the light falls on them. The rock has probably been bigger, there are traces of a quarry. In the meadow next to it is a smaller stone slab. Examines it but sees nothing.

The sun shines. Hot to be in February. Going back to the parking lot. Sitting down by the sea and having lunch. Four swans out in the water. A family grills at the barbecue area.