Yxornas häll
south of Simrislund, on the road betweem Simrishamn and Brantevik, is a flat rock with rock carvings. On the is a large amount of carvings.

August 28, 2016
Just south of Simrishamn lies Yxonra's rock. Skåne's second largest rock carvings. One hundred meters from the beach next to the road. There is a large parking. Sets the car there. The rock is located just next to the road opposite the parking lot.

On the rock, the ax is a common subject. There are many ships, animals, snakes, circles, people, weapons, carvings. About 250 images should there be. There are also newer carvings. What do the pictures say? Some message from the Bronze Age that is difficult to interpret. Interesting is it. To the north is a rocky quarry. Two heads lie in the edge.

Follows the path that goes to another rock carving. Around twenty cows block the path. Is not it a bull? May be another time. Stop for eating blackberries. Going down to the sea. Big waves roll in. Eat lunch among the rocks. Homemade tuna wraps.

Stay on our way home at Österlen Haven, garden and café Beautiful garden.